FEATURE: Rastafarian Religious/Cultural Attire

So I’ve noticed a lot of people on the forums have been discussing diversity and the need for religious clothing for limelight. I’d like to see more religions portrayed as well, one of them being Rastafarianism. While I’m not sure how popular this religion is in North America and Europe, it’s a very popular way of life in the Caribbean and some parts of Africa. Although I do not consider myself a Rastafarian, I do subscribe to some of their principles, know a lot of Rastafarians personally and would love to have Rastafarian attire for our Characters to use! :hearts::yellow_heart::green_heart:
Some assets I would suggest in particular are:

Tams and Headwraps which we do already have a few that may work, but head wear that are similar to these would be much more suitable(some to hold dread locs and some with Rastafarian colors/African prints)


As well as other clothing. A lot of traditional Rastafarian attire is inspired by African (more specifically Ethiopian attire). This is because recognizing African Heritage is a major thing in this religion. Accessories would also be nice, such as jewelry, scarves and pins.


But what do the rest of you think? If there is anything you would like to add feel free! I’d love to hear it! :grin::grin::grin:


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i agree! i feel like when people talk about diversity they just say “oh they’re black” or without any other context or deeper meaning with the characters. even if diversity is portrayed in stories, they feature a lot of stereotypes. it’s kind of difficult trying to find a good story with thought-out characters and their backgrounds. anyway- i support this!


Thanks totally agree


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