FEATURE: Re-reading Stories Without Wasting More Passes


Do any of you guys find it annoying if you mess up on a choice, or if you messed up on customizing, and have to waste more passes re-reading the story? I have a suggestion, that if you’ve used a pass for and episode that you’ve already read, when you re-read it, you won’t waste another pass. Support this if you like the idea! :grin:
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Thanks :grin:


Support :slight_smile:




Thanks, hun!


If they do this, this would be disappointment for many.

Readers support their friends also by rereading stories, which gives them additional reads. And when doing it for friends, it’s not hard to spent more passes for them :heart:


Hmmm… I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for pointing that out! :kissing_heart:


Maybe there can be a feature in the settings that can be turned on and off? Just an idea.


Support :hearts: