FEATURE: Read again Chapter


We also need an option to read whichever, one from previous chapters again.

Read again chapter…

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FEATURE - option to replay each chapter
FEATURE: Replay a story from any chapter you'd like
FEATURE: Go Back to certain Point in Time
FEATURE: Being able to choose a specific chapter to replay instead of the entire story!

Support! So useful! :purple_heart:


I wish they would actually do this


Support ! We need an option to re - read the chapter so we can choose different choices.


Totally agree. We should have the option to replay a chapter at the end of it


I semi- agree. I mean, you are supposed to choose carefully in some stories, and this would kind of defeat it’s purpose. Then again, there are stories of which chapters I would like to look back on…:thinking:


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Yes, I agree this is a great idea because even though the author tells each reviewer to make careful choices, sometimes the reader might think they picked the right choice, but winds up picking the wrong choice accidentally, so yes, the reader should be given the option to re-read the chapter in order to make the right choices afterwards. People make mistakes that’s normal so it would be beneficial to the reader to be given that type of option. Also, it’s really not just about that. What if the reader enjoys the chapter in general? If the chapter is good then the reader, may want to go back, and re-read the chapter as well. So from both perspectives I think the option is needed.:heart:


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I know everyone has that favorite story that you can just never get tired of. I have a few. The problem is, let’s say this story has 50 chapters, and your favorite chapter is chapter 40, it would be a pain to read all 39 chapters before it. I think In the replay feature you should be able to choose which chapter you replay your story from. That way you can read your favorite chapters easily. (please like this and other topics alike so they get noticed, thanks)
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Good idea! I’ll support it because I love the story The Abomination but rereading it all the way from top to bottom can be a hassle. Episode headquarters should know about this.


sometimes we make some choices which we want to change and try another choice. But we cannot do it because we have to replay the whole story.


The way I do my choices, even if you replayed one episode you’d probably get the same ending😂 It’d be way too late to change much by then.
But I agree, I would love the option to replay single episodes… and I think there’s a feature request thread for it too (like and comment on that thread if you can find it!)

I have some mini games in certain episodes of one of my stories where if you get two choices out of three wrong, you miss out on special scenes, and I’d love it if people could just replay that one episode instead of needing to restart and play the whole thing. :confused:


I mean, I say mini-game, but it’s more like you have a TV interview, you’re gonna be asked 3 questions, one answer is good, one is neutral, one is bad. Try to get at least two good answers😂
But I’m trying to think of ways to implement like… more actual game-like elements to my stories in the future. And being able to replay one episode instead of going back to the beginning to replay a mini-game in episode 5 would be… really great.


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This could be an issue, some users may use that function to change their choices and corrupt the sequence of the next episode (if it runs based on how the user makes choices in the previous). If it could be implemented without this being an issue, I’m all for it!


All of this exactly. The consequences in my story are accumulative overall, but some episodes do have a game over that could be redone.

A quick author note letting them know which type of game over (episode based vs story based) it was and if a replay would help them or not would probably have been appreciated by a few readers. Especially a few episode based ones in later chapters.


Id like the option to rewind within an episode. Sometimes i miss things and dont want to replay a whole story to see the two lines i clicked too fast through lol


I don’t think it should be a problem since there’s already something like it. When an author makes changes to the chapter you’re currently on, then updates and you’re forced to play from the beginning (you know, that thing we all hate…) even if you’d finished reading the episode.

They’d just have to do the same thing if they implemented the replay chapter function, except instead of being frustrating and involuntary, we’d be choosing to replay intentionally😂