FEATURE: Readers retention bar on every chapter


This can help authors to think over, if there’s anything to fix in the story, is the retention bar drops down.

Reader retention
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Good idea. Any kind of access to the stats would be much appreciated.


Yea. They should be a stat page that has reader retention bar


I created a similar thread about this issue. It would really be useful if we could trace the story’s reader engagement. I think we should make a request for such a feature.


Support! This would be REALLY helpful. I really hope Episode takes this request into consideration.


Yea. Same


Yesss this would be so helpful, especially when you’re starting out, helps you know if people just read the first chapter as a favour or carried on because they genuinely like your story. It would definitely be a good tool for writers to have, can’t see a downside.


Same here, Cordelia. I do not think there is downside to this idea


I think the downside is that it can get pretty discouraging to some authors.


That is a good point, but for those who want to I think it would be nice to have the option. You wouldn’t have to look.


@CordeliaM, I agree


Yes! We need this badly. It’s imparitive so we know if we need to improve our stories or continue what we are currently doing. I was just searching the community hoping to find an explanation on how to track my reader retention. Hopefully we will have it soon :crossed_fingers:t3:


bump :smiley:


Support! :wink: :heart:





That would be very helpful. SUPPORT




I definitely support this, I’ve been wondering the same thing actually


I totally support this :slight_smile: