FEATURE: Rearranging Recommended Stories

So I love adding new stories to my recommended shelf- and I love having those that I like the most/have the least amount of reads to be towards the front of the shelf so someone just browsing sees them immediately.

But with the current system, every time I read a new story I want towards the front of the shelf, I have to delete a bunch of recommended, click the new story, then re-add all the old recommended stories.

With this feature, maybe we could designate what order we want the stories to appear in, or else just drag stories towards the front!


SUPPORT! :heart:

This is a very awesome idea ^^

I had to keep removing & adding on stories to get a specific order lol so much work :rofl:

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Support, bump, whatever this needs! :heart:

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Support, I was thinking about it yesterday :joy:

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Bump because i had to waste 30 min moving around my recommended stories today :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:

i support this

Support! It’s such a simple thing to add in and it would be so useful!