FEATURE: Removing Characters in Time (like fading overlays)

So I’m working on a story and I wish there was a way to @remove CHARACTER in 2 the same way you can @overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 0 in 2 . In effect, this would be making a character slowly become more see-through until they disappear.

I know you can do a similar effect by making an overlay of the background and fading it to full opacity over the top of the character, but if you’re using other overlays or multiple characters it’s not feasible.

This would be useful for ghosts, dream sequences, memories, and transitions.


support. i don’t like it when i have to make an overlay of a background then wait for it’s for approval.


SUPPORT!! I’m making a story where there’ll be a scene with a ghost. I want to make the ghost see-through but I can’t! I would have to make it SOO obvious and i’ll have to keep repeating it in my story that it’s a ghost because the ghost in my story looks like a human, but if we could make see through characters it’ll be much more obvious than to just repeat that it’s a ghost :roll_eyes: so I 100% support!! :sparkles: :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I did, with a “transporter effect” fade out. You make a copy of the background you’re using and adjust the transparency of the overlay in stages, making sure the characters are below the layer of the overlay. I did this scene:


@cut to zone 1
@overlay SPACESHIPZONE1 opacity 1
@pause for a beat

@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@STEVIE spot 1.200 166 -42
@STEVIE moves to layer 1
@GARNER spot 1.250 206 24
@GARNER moves to layer 0
@AERIN spot 1.200 96 -17
@AERIN moves to layer -2
@JULIE spot 1.250 254 -20
@JULIE moves to layer 1
@overlay 6295484359704576_STARS shifts to -88 -259
@overlay 6295484359704576_STARS scales to 1.663 1.663

@pause for a beat

@overlay SPACESHIPZONE1 opacity 0.9
@pause for 0.1
@overlay SPACESHIPZONE1 opacity 0.8
@pause for 0.1
@overlay SPACESHIPZONE1 opacity 0.7
@pause for 0.1
@overlay SPACESHIPZONE1 opacity 0.6
@pause for 0.1
@overlay SPACESHIPZONE1 opacity 0.5
@pause for 0.1
@overlay SPACESHIPZONE1 opacity 0.4
@pause for 0.1
@overlay SPACESHIPZONE1 opacity 0.3
@pause for 0.1
@overlay SPACESHIPZONE1 opacity 0.2
@pause for 0.1
@overlay SPACESHIPZONE1 opacity 0.1
@pause for 0.1
@overlay SPACESHIPZONE1 opacity 0

    GARNER (talk_neutral)
Take us out of orbit Ms. Baker

This allows our characters to “beam in” or become slowly less transparent. Just reverse for a “beam out” or pick a value in between for ghosts/holograms.
Like this scene from What Is This Thing Called Love? in which Ester leaves a holographic message of herself:


@overlay APARTMENT moves to layer 2
@overlay APARTMENT opacity 0.5
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@ESTER spot 1.375 74 -11
@ESTER moves to layer 1
@GEOFF spot 1.250 276 73
@GEOFF moves to layer 7
@overlay 6295484359704576_APARTMENT shifts to -1 1
@overlay 6295484359704576_APARTMENT scales to 1.000 1.000

@ESTER changes into ESTER_departure
@GEOFF changes into GEOFF_default
@GEOFF faces left AND GEOFF starts idle_sad_serious_loop
@ESTER faces right

@speechbubble is 194 231 to 100%

Hi Geoff, I left this recording for you for when you came back.


I would love that this were as simple as that. SO much easier.

Support and bump!