FEATURE: Report button for Episode-Made stories


As I read Starts with A Bra, I decided it was time
To hit that report button!
I went to go and noticed the report button was missing.
Episode obviously knows that the stories they make are inappropriate then, don’t they?


Seeing as featured status doesn’t stop stories from containing Episode Guidelines-violating content, yeah, support.


SUPPORT If non-featured authors get 5ere stories reported and deleted… so should those authors. They’re basically getting paid to to violate the forums…


Hello @RastaUnicorn, this is Sydney the Moderator and we welcome you to the Episode Forums!

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Jut curious. I know you are a moderator so I don’t know if you have the answer but…

Why do featured stories not have a report button?


I think you have to PM for additional questions! :blush:


Thanks but I spoke to Sydney about it and they don’t know why!

I’ll have to reach out to the episode team :roll_eyes: