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TYPE: Short Description For example:
BACKGROUND: Inside A Circus Tent
CLOTHING: A Cat’s Tail
FEATURE: Sending Cookies
APP: More Settings
HAIR: Brown, Curly, Flowing
You can then add more explanation inside the text of the post.

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INK + LL clothes πŸ‘š
ANIMATION: kiss_lay_loop
Fix this hairstyle
CLOTHING: Limelight career clothes!
Online coding on phone
Clothing Request
New clothing on limelight
ANIMATION: Swords and Monsters
Custom Content!
New hair and facial accessories!
Replay Episode Option!
About the Mobile App Features category
Clothing / overlay suggestions (INK and Limelight)
EYES: Heterochromic Eyes (two different eye colors)
ART- Background Scenes for Mobile Devices
CREATE CHILDREN don't have direct option
Mobile creation ideas
Limelight & Ink
Clothing:Cowboy styles
Limelight Request!
Be able to properly read people's + your own stories on portal
Clothing for ink ideas
ANIMATION: Animations in limelight that are needed in ink
CLOTHING: Ancient Chinese Clothing!
Feature: Props and Animations For Witches
ANIMATION : Fantasy Actions
Unlimited Story Rereads
New Limelight Clothing & Animations we need!
ANIMATION: Punching animations
ANIMATION - Crawling, Carrying
Feature: Custom Animations
Makeup: For both male and femaleπŸ’„
Books were read
Children & Kid's Stuff
Recording Button for Android ⏯
Feature: dimples
Some more fantasy overlays and backgrounds please
Gems and the pricing
FEATURE: see how many people recommend your story
The Diamond Epidemic
Art and Animation request suggestion
FEATURE: Limelight - features, art, animation, and clothing
More Fantasy Clothing
More Clothes Options For INK Male And Female
More female hair choices in LimeLight
Character Folders For Episode Portal
Clown costume and Bandaged Torso for male character
Help for new authors
HAIR: Curly, Tied-Up
More swimwears/ bikinis for ink female
Help please (newbie) preview of creating a character isn’t working
More female hair choices in LimeLight
Texting Background
Hair: beard! we need more variety of beards
CLOTHING: Ideas for Tops and Dresses!
Hey! I tought we should make a list of features we would like to see in episode!
Please make a portal on how the mouth, nose, hair, and etc: looks like. Just like Animation Portal in the Art Catalog
Suggestion for Mobile creator
Suggestion for Mobile creator
Post what they should add and let this keep going
Combining Limelight Features With Ink
Publishing+creating stories on mobile
Hello Episode Quarters!
New classrooms backgrounds
FEATURE: Long hair for Males
Reading other stories on PC
Profile Character Ideas
FEATURE: free 30 days unlimited passes with no ads reward for those who can't meet the writers payment
Skate clothing and actions
Suits for Females
Bald Male Avitars Needed
Beards would be cool!
The Support Thread
Hairstyles and facial features
FEATURE: In-chapter feedback
Idea Thread! {Feature requests, animations, ect}
Holding Hands animation for ink and limelight?
Voice for characters idea
Combining Limelight Features With Ink
Ideas of animations
Episode Classic, Limelight and Ink outfits
New and cuter hairstyles
Edges for limelight!
Holding Hands animation for ink and limelight?
CLOTHING: Furry Circle Clip Purses
Tattoos..(in the clothing part)
FEATURE: Website to Request for Hair & Clothes
Interchangeable Male & Female Hairstyles
Publishing on Mobile
We Lack Night Backgrounds
INK + LL clothes πŸ‘š
FEATURE: Change In Story Style
FEATURE: Accented Letters
CLOTHING : Tattoos (limelight)
Clothing: Full body swimsuit
What will we be
Props: Musical instrument props and music to go along with it
Football Helmets For Girls
Hawaii flower necklaces! 🌸
Requests! Add some of your own! (C, INK, LL)
iPhone X resolution
iPhone X resolution
Formal Dresses for Muslim men and women - LL and INK
New and cuter hairstyles
Publishing on Mobile
Be able to properly read people's + your own stories on portal
Different types of animations for ink (a little realistic)
We Lack Night Backgrounds
Outfits for LL request goes here (CLOSED)
Hawaii flower necklaces! 🌸
Football Helmets For Girls
FEATURE: Change In Story Style
Animal Art Customizing- no overlays
CLOTHING: Maternity Dresses for LL and INK
CLOTHING : Tattoos (limelight)
Clothing: Full body swimsuit
Formal Dresses for Muslim men and women - LL and INK
Tattoo ideas for girls
Different types of animations for ink (a little realistic)
EYES: Heterochromic Eyes (two different eye colors)
Clothing: Just A Couple Things ^^;
Clothing, face features and hairstyles (limelight)
Bald Male Avitars Needed
Clothing Request
Animation: Idle Animations
Animations: Walking/ Running!
Animation: Proper eating animations
Feature: Censor option for episode readers
Construction Vests for Limelight
CLOTHING - medieval armor
FEATURE: A Larger Text Area For Writing Fanmail
Who would also like this in the writers portal
More backgrounds and animations please
ART- Background Scenes for Mobile Devices
Androgynous people
More clothing options ll
Hairstyles and facial features
Interchangeable Male & Female Hairstyles
Ideas of animations
More angry/mean animations!
Clothing and Costumiztions
CLOTHING: Mythology Clothing, Animations, Props and Backgrounds for Limelight
Clothing: Tattoos (Ink)
Hairstyles: tied up and long
Animals and Baby’s WITH ANIMATION
ANIMATIONS: Fighting Animations for Limelight
Request for vintage clothing
CLOTHING: Military uniforms for all styles
Feature: Reorganizing the Outfit Catlog
Episode Classic, Limelight and Ink outfits
ANIMATIONS: I think we should do these for LL(Still advailbe)
Limelight & Ink
Ages for avatars FEATURE REQUEST
Hello Episode Quarters!
Paint Brush Set
More feaurtes for mobile creation!
CLOTHING: Fantasy for INK!
Suggestions for Future Episode Updates
New Dance Animations
Voice for characters idea
Female outfit suggestions
CLOTHING: Rainbow Dress
Hairstyles for ladies
β€œFEATURE: Maternity Options for Plus-Sized Females”
ANIMATION: Kiss on the Hand
CLOTHING: Engagement Rings for Limelight and Ink
Animatie: echt ijsje eten
Animatie: echt ijsje eten
Moving episode ac from samsung to apple
Feature: Custom Animations
Hey! I tought we should make a list of features we would like to see in episode!
Clothing: limelight school sweaters
We need eye-shadows
APP : Create a shelf based on readers voting
Mobile Stories?
The mobile creation needs more updates
50's/60's Style Clothing
Feature: Png Background When You Click On view on an Animation
Show if the story is ink or limelight
FEATURE - Motorcycle Overlays
ANIMATIONS- riding a motorcyle
New dancing styles
Animate: make your own hair styles
Suggestions for mobile
More Time Period Styles for Limelight
Add features from lovelife please
Clothing: Wear wolf ears for Ink female character
Episode Instagram acc
Let us view our large and small covers on-app before publishing, please!
Ballet Outfits and animations!
Ideas for New Stuff for Episode Limelight
Newer Clothes (what do you think)
ANIMATION: Chef Cooking (Ink & LL)
CLOTHING: Era based military+regular outfits
FEATURED: Sleep mode for users
Animation: Nearvous/Awkward laughter AND Nearvous/awkward laughter while talking
Limelight clothes!
Adding Fantasy options
FEATURE: Clothes/Hair for LL
FEATURE: More variety in facial hair
Ink Qing Dynesty outfits added to Limelight clothing
Idea Thread! {Feature requests, animations, ect}
FEATURE: More day-to-day animations
CLOTHING AND OVERLAYS: Motorcycle helmets and motorcycles
Styles that make your story looking real #forhighschoolstories (LL) -for female
Limelight Clothing In General
Suggestions for INK
ANIMATION: Ballet poses
Feature: Dresses & Skirts
Limelight clothes!
Clothing: π™ˆπ™€π™§π™š π™‡π™žπ™’π™šπ™‘π™žπ™œπ™π™© π˜Ύπ™‘π™€π™©π™π™žπ™£π™œ π™„π™©π™šπ™’π™¨!
Clothing - LL clothes. :)
Clothing: π™ˆπ™€π™§π™š π™‡π™žπ™’π™šπ™‘π™žπ™œπ™π™© π˜Ύπ™‘π™€π™©π™π™žπ™£π™œ π™„π™©π™šπ™’π™¨!
β€œFEATURE: new things . support
Hair: π™ˆπ™€π™§π™š π™‡π™žπ™’π™šπ™‘π™žπ™œπ™π™© π™ƒπ™–π™žπ™§
Hairstyles for CC
They should update episode
FEATURE Outfit folders
FEATURE: Ask Forumers for Shelf Suggestions
Changing characters look
More clothing options
New clothes for Ink?
FEATURES: New Bun Hairstyle In Limelight
Features: more bra colors and designs
ANIMATION: More Instruments for ALL STYLES
How to request new jewellery (RINGS) from Episode?
Need an shower overlay
FEATURE: Bangs! Just bangs! All kings of bangs that you can add to any hairstyle and even under a hijab!
Where to request hair and clothes?
Change my email?
More Trendy Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for INK or maybe even LL
We can we get a new feature where we can look at reads per episode
Amination: middle finger in ll
Who agrees? Episode needs more pregnancy stuff!
A Suggestion To Add Our Own Things!
Update The Avatar Customization
Clothing: medieval/ renaissance
FEATURE: Episode Avatar App
I need tights episode!
Newer Clothes (what do you think)
Episode Art by Gia Cereni
Piercings: stomach, nose, eyebrows
CLOTHES : Mid length dresses and more female caps
[FEATURE] Allow authors to have automatically approved overlays after a certain point
Feature: Rainbow
Story Statistics for Writers!
Feature: New Hairstyles for Limelight
CLOTHING:Limelight vampire clothes
HAIR: Add more braids
Ideas for Episode Writers Portal
Episode Portal Suggestions!
PROP: Wine glass prop (Limelight)
Can We Please Get These Outfits?!?!
Animations that we 100% NEED
CLOTHING: More Fantasy/Medieval Options
Clothing: pregnancy outfits
HAIR: More short hair for girls
Hello! I'm new <3
ANIMATIONS: More Realistic Animations
FEATURE: Allow us to co-own topics
We need more fight animations
I can't wait to read more stories
CLOTHING: Masquerade Clothing
Feature: Can we get notified when writers respond to fanmail? Can we also have a feed page since there's a following feature on Episode?
Let's get Episode to notice this!
Clothing for women in men's catalog!?
FOLDERS: Organizing the Art Catalog
More Hair Diversity (Women) ~LL
Limelight customizations
Feature: thicker facial hair
CLOTHING/OTHER : (Just read)
Interactive Pets
Episode should create this Hairstyle for LL!
ANIMATION: namaste
Interactive Pets
Limelight clothing - genie
More music options?
PROP: Crutches for limelight!
PROP: Crutches for limelight!
FACE SHAPE: Hairstyles are not Fully Covering the Scalp on the Male Diamond Face Shape in INK
ANIMATIONS + CLOTHING: More Sports For Characters To Play
Animation: Exercise
ANIMATION: Fixing animations for Ink!
More talk_gun animations
Feature clothes for LL
FEATURE: sword fighting
CLOTHING: Sports Uniforms
CLOTHING: Prosthetic Limbs
ANIMATIONS: Gymnastics Stunts for LIMELIGHT
ANIMATIONS: More Sitting Talk Animations for LL
Rotating Overlays Suggestion
ANIMATION: Forward-facing Characters
FEATURE: Clothing Overlays!
ANIMATION: Forward-facing Characters
FEATURE: More Ink Animations
FEATURE: More Ink Animations
We need more free passes
Head wraps/Hijabs in Character Creation
APP: Restoring from Android to IOS
Diverse casual wear for LL
APP: Upgrade The Mobile Version Of The Writer's Portal
FEATURE: β€œJunior Designers” your own clothes for Episode
Feature clothes for LL
We need more evil animations
Rotating Overlays Suggestion
Transparency Initiative Explained
Ages for avatars FEATURE REQUEST
LL Outfit ideas
HAIR: Moving INK ad hairstyles to INK
CLOTHING : Pajamas (Limelight)
New items that should be made for LL?
ANIMATION: More character animation for Spot Light
CLOTHING: Gloves, Surgeon Wear, LL nurse scrubs and Umbrella's/Parasols
APP: Adding a new story section under genre
APP: Featured Fantasy
CLOTHING- LL socks and bangages
HAIR: curly , updos
Clothing: Wear wolf ears for Ink female character
ANIMATION: A Sad Laying Animation!
FEATURE: Photo Customisation
FEATURE: More Character Angles
FEATURE: Potentially Removing This Screen
Suggest some animations here! (LL)
FEATURE: I think we should have more Limelight FEMALE Hairstyles
More backgrounds and animations please
FEATURE: I think we should have more Limelight FEMALE Hairstyles
FEATURE: Search for sound/music
FEATURE: Resources for People with English as a Second Language
Character Folders For Episode Portal
CLOTHING : Round Lens Glasses Plastic for Female Character in Limelight
Character Folders For Episode Portal
BACKGROUNDS: More Bedrooms
FEATURE - Motorcycle Overlays
SKINS: Unusual tones
HAIR : Bangs! in hairstyles
Clothing suggestion
CLOTHING: "Angel Dress Costume Chiffon" Yellow/Cream Colored
CLOTHING: tattoo's for females!
Clothing: Tattoos (Ink)
PROPS : More food props
FEATURE: Contests for people with low follower counts
FEATURE: Valentine clothes and animations
Episode edit corner
CLOTHING: Ideas for Tops and Dresses!
Contest (Nerdiest LimeLight Characters)
CLOTHING: Limelight clothes on Ink
ANIMATION: Buttoning/Unbuttoning shirt
FEAURE: More clothes for mobile creation
Hairstyles: tied up and long
Sound: weather sounds
APP: Bring back genre specify in stories' covers
APP: Bring back genre specify in stories' covers
Hairstyles: tied up and long
FEATURES: Different Types Of Skin Outside Of Color
ANIMATION: Swords and Monsters
ANIMATION: More Animations for Limelight
CLOTHING: Fantasy Dresses for Limelight
APP:Trade diamonds and tickets 😎
A story delete button?
CLOTHING: tattoos for INK style
Mobile creation ideas
CLOTHING: Different Trimester Pregnancy Belly for INK
FEATURE : Star Rating Submission Bar
FEATURE: Brown hair colours for ink
Flex muscle animation
We need more evil animations
Please give it to us! :D
ANIMATIONS: More Fantasy Animations
Feature : VHS filter/effect
Dreads Long Loose Bun- colors
Make limelight more realistic
Animation: Begging
Animation: Fake Smile
Clothing: Backstage Pass
CLOTHING: off shoulder top
Unpublish abandon stories
Interresting! Share A personal Opinion ..what do you want for your Episode story that is not Available!
Background: Backgrounds with an African theme
Old glitch brought back
MUSIC: More music for 2019! 🎡🎢
ANIMATIONS & Props to go with: Paint/Draw
FEATURE: More Elven hairstyles and more Fantasy style clothing
Clothing : Graphic Tees
FEATURE: More Animated Effects
Default Background Idea (FEATURE)
ANIMATION: More talk_sit animations!
ANIMATION: horse riding
PROPS: Magic Wands
CLOTHING:Winter Gear (Limelight)
Update What We Need!
Clothing: tailored womens blazers
Feature: stylish stick
CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES: Going skiing! / snowboarding
LL Outfit Shop πŸ‘—
Add Ballet Things For Limelight
Features: more skin colors, for men more beards And mustaches
FEATURE: Medieval Content
iPhone X resolution
CLOTHING: Clown outfit (limelight)
More Maternity Clothes
Clothes Wedding
CHARACTER/AVATAR FEATURES: Monster Maker / Creature Features!
ANIMATION: snow! ❄️
Color Suggestion?
Clothes Wedding
FEATURE: Previewing transitions in the portal
Can episode please add a prom sash for plus size characters πŸ₯Ί
Suggestions: Blush
Backgrounds for limelight
'A Wish List thread " look a like thread for art suggestion
πŸ…‚πŸ…„πŸ„ΆπŸ„ΆπŸ„΄πŸ…‚πŸ…ƒπŸ„ΈπŸ„ΎπŸ„½! Please read
CLOTHING: New clothes ideas for LL
Necklace: pearl necklace for women
FEATURE: Episode exclusive stories should offer a gem package specific for that story
Clothing: socks in ll!
FEATURE: Search for your stories on Mobile Create
Animation: apply lipstick
ANIMATION: Martial Arts
Feminine/pretty Male features
FEATURE: More ways for Gems!
Episode: We Need More Lip Colors
CLOTHING: Masks, Tattoos, and More
Male Body Types - Paintover
CLOTHING: Maternity Sleepwear/Vintage
FEATURE: Actual Trans.(male & female) avatars
CLOTHING: Masks - Limelight
Pregnancy Shirts for Males
CLOTHING: Galaxy Patterns Please (LimeLight Avatars)!
Baseball bat animation
Feature: clothing for different bodytypes
SKIN COLORS: More Medium Skintones
FEATURE: Medieval Themed Clothes and Hairstyles for Limelight
CLOTHING: Medieval Clothes LL
CLOTHING: Norse Mythology clothes
Body:Pregnant (We Don have pregnant body in episode except outfits)
Clothing : gowns for plus female
Animation : driving car and driving bike!
I think we need cheer outfits for the plus size characters
Hair, Clothes, and Animation Suggestions for Limelight
We deserve these hairstyles
ANIMATION + PROP: Firing a rifle + rifle prop(s)
Male and Plus sized clothing that should be on Generic women clothing
CLOTHING - Floor Length Skirts
Dystopian Genre Shelf
Apocalypse City background, Zombie cloths, ETC!
Advanced body features
CLOTHES: More cute/aesthetic
Ability to transfer stories from one account to another! FEATURE!
Feature to add many different accounts on one device should be added
Petition to Allow Android and iOS Transfer!
The option of having just the bottom of the hair colored
PROP: hand held harp
Can we add highlights?
Can we add highlights?
Feature [limelight] : art, animation and clothing
Feature : eyeliner/blush & eyeshadow
Ancient East Asian Clothes and Hairstyles
HAIR: curly ponytail with braid
Background: snowy scenery
Mental disorders?
Choice Buttons Don't Look Right
Why cant we get these hairstyles
Different body types? And more makeup?
CLOTHING?: Maternity Body Types
Customize outfits
Feature: plus size non/formal evening wear
FEATURE: Notification when author responds to your fanmail
More pastel clothes
Feature: Fairness in Plus Sized Clothing
Animations/Faces expressions
Animations: serious
COMMUNITY: I need help with something?
Mobile Creation - Could it be brought back?
CLOTHING: Wedding Items!
Armscrossed animation?
CLOTHING: hoodie with the hood on :)
Emojis in stories
New Character Types!
Fantasy and Horror body types
New Forums Member Guide πŸ™‚
CLOTHING: Various Historical Clothes (from medieval era to 50s)
ART: Everyday Body Features
Deleting a character that's scripted/change body type in settings menu
Can we please get some hot features on the males in limelight episode? Pretty please with a cherry and sprinkles on top?
Racially inclusive hairstyles?
Episode Designers Studio
More RIPPED JEANS and BELTS for girls LL
FEATURE Historical clothes, hair, animations
Add a review tab to mobile stories!
Adding animals with full customization and animations!
Ad watching limits
Character Features : Pigment spots for the Characters
App:making episode stories be kind of like a show
Clothing: Wilderness clothing
Why are all the skirts SO high?!
FEATURE: custom dressing game
ANIMATIONS: I think we could use!
How about Wet Items
More Hair Styles
More props please!
Bring Back Writing Editing In The App
ART: Features from the banner
Clothing: sunburn
FEATURE: More hair colours and styles for Limelight
My topic on 'racially inclusive hairstyles' got closed
I'm new to the episode forums!
We Need Nail Varnish!
Timed Choices Times Up Feature
Ink eye colors to limelight
Episode on TV. Pls read
Animations: Sign Language
Episode pass refill system..πŸ€”
A suggestion to improve Episode for writers
ANIMATION: Bowing Properly
Layering the character limbs!
CLOTHING: Masks for every ocassion
New section for episode
Mental Health Shelf
FEATURE: Pregnant Bellies | Trimester bellies & More pregnancy clothes
ANIMATION: Animation Requests!
Some Suggestions For Horses as 'Clothes', and or just Ideas in general to make stories look a little more realistic!
More Nose Piercing , clothing, background , animations and prop options request
Feature: Character changes into other characters
Feature: afro textured/braids hair
Feature: Outfits across stories
HAIR: Baby hairs
Let us use languages with a non-Latin alphabet in the script
More pregnancy/baby stuff
Swords as propsβ€”episode writer's portal feautures
CLOTHING (ROBE) + HAIR (WIG) + PROPS (GAVEL): We Need Things For Judges πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈπŸ‘©β€βš–οΈ
[Limelight] burp, sneeze and hiccup animations
WISHLIST: Clothing that are not already available
Storing points not as characters
Same colours for Stag Horns Plastic for men
Diverse Limelight Hairstyles (REQUEST: ANIME-LOOKING)
ANIMATION: laughing loop
CLOTHING: Rollerblade
Animation: cry/sob for males (LL)
FEATURE: Pregnant Bellies | Trimester bellies & More pregnancy clothes
PROP: Mobility Equipment
New story's section on app
APP: They should bring back daily rewards
Art suggestion: werewolf ears
Feature: New clothing, drop down bar
FEATURE: Gifs as Overlays
ANIMATION: Smiling Sadly
Clothing: Saree for plus size female
Animation: dustoff_neutral_loop_rear
Plus Size School Uniform!
Crowds for limelight script template
New Background and Overlays
Kneel kiss animation and children animations
Background: Europe Backgrounds
RE: The Future Of Character Tech
Animation: look down shy
New clothing ideas
Do you think there should be a delete story button?
Please can we get rid of DrAfT is BeInG eDiTed
Character: Dragons
ANIMATION: Action animations! 🎬πŸ’₯
Clothing: socks to wear under shoes
Feature: Make face details part of character customization and not clothing
Feature: Actor Removed or somethin
Why is there only campus quad loop night
Clothing : animal costume - animal jumpsuit!
Clothing: old people clothing
FEATURE: Neck & Back Tattoos πŸ”₯
Animations Suggestion
More masculine clothes for episode female avatars and more masculine hair cuts for female avatars ✰
Wishlist of the theme of next feature and art releases!
Can we get the old speechbubble style back?
CLOTHING : More canvas sneakers for males
App : our own gem and exclusive dress, hair or any gem items wardrobe forever
CLOTHING: Historical Clothes
FEATURE: LL Maternity Clothes
Feature: traditional clothing
PROP: shopping props
SOUND: Ringing ears
FEATURE: Follow on Forums
HAIR: Layered Hairstyles With Curtain Bangs
CLOTHING:Pants, Shoes and Bathing Suits for Female Characters
FEATURE: trans//androgynous (male & female) facial features
Clothing: vintage
Feature: Autosave
Zone Change Helper in Previewer
Little Kids/Teens/Children
FEATURE: More Music/Sounds
Can we please have these body styles
New animations for sitting or walking?
R4r new stories
CLOTHING: This dress for Generic sized women:
Adding make up option for characters
Flat body types for girls
HAIR: Braided Crown & Hair with Streaks, Highlights and Roots
ART: Maternity Summer Wear (bathing suits &clothes)
Animation: Shy options
HI guys! If you want more clothing or props options
Nails polish/fake nails
Paramedic Uniform?
Release more oversized clothes sjhfhsfh
CLOTHING: can we please get this adorable kitten top for LL?
Clothing: bandages limelight
New suggestion i think so
FEATURE: Baby Bump and Maternity for plus for LL
More Victorian Clothes and Accessories
Feature: visual coding
BACKGROUND: Inside a Shower
(LIMELIGHT) Really skinny body type
HAIR - Ponytails, Curly, Straight, Updo
Clothing: Accessories
FEATURE: Limelight - features, art, animation, and clothing
Black hairstyles: Hair is too bulky and the flips is on the wrong part
Art: Punk and more diverse hairstyles
ACCESSORIES: Traditional Japanese clothes and Accessories for LL! PLEASE!
FEATURE/ANIMATION: Soccer Clothes + Animations
Briefcases props and other office accessories
PROP: Wand From App Cover
CLOTHING: Gloves & mitten!
A beginners guide to Everything Episode
FEATURE: More backgrounds and animations/emotions
FEATURE: Getting shot animation
Animations: magic
Anchor point and rotation tool
FEATURE: Prosthetics + Wheelchair
PROP: More diverse food
CLOTHING: More Pajamas
Applying lipstick animation in LL just like Ink!
Co-Writing Feature
Animations: New Dances!
Feature: Fingernails
FEATURE - Night Wear!
A Couple Animation Suggestions
(FEATURE) saving favorite items in writers portal
HAIR - Ponytails, Curly, Straight, Updo
Things they should put in
CLOTHING: More fantasy options
CLOTHING: Vintage clothes!
[CLOTHINGS] Horse riding!
A TON OF FEATURES: All for Makeup!
CLOTHES: Vampire Clothes
Animations: More while sitting down
Please can we have children
CLOTHING: Styled Clothing
FEATURE: Exercise Animations
Episode old 32bit support suggestion
Horse sounds please
FEATURE: favorite filter for animations
Medieval Clothes
Clothing: samurai armor
Sari for Plus Size Female
FEATURE:: Eyeshadow
FOOD/ANIMATION: Thanksgiving
A new animation
ANIMATION + SOUND: Casual Finger Snapping
Clothing: Indian Clothing
Free passes but pay for diamonds?
Animation: sit holding knees
CLOTHING: Figure Skates, Hockey Skates, and Skating Gear (Also skating related animations)
CLOTHING : Hindu Mythological Armor
ANIMATION: bump face and tinker stand front
Cheerleader Outfits for Male and Plus Size LL
Animation: idle_sit_eat_loop, talk_sit_eat
FEATURE duplicate overlays
Episode...we need more African updates
New body type β™₯
PROP: Photo Booth Props
CLOTHING : Victorian Clothing
FEATURE: Slippers, nightwear & OmbrΓ© Hair
20's clothing and hair
Medieval hair and clothing
Clothing: Victorian era for women
Props: A Few Useful Things
CLOTHING: Outfit Colour Varieties
PROPS: Food to Feed Horses :horse:
ANIMATION : Holding Glasses or About to put on Glasses Animation!
ANIMATION: Feed Your Horse :horse:
Clothing: wild west/ cow boy clothing
WISHLIST: Clothing that are not already available
Can we get Male Plus Size for LL? (Opinion)
CLOTHING: pirate clothing and other pirate paraphernalia
Clothing: Socks For Limelight
Hair: Asian/American
What episode should update‼️
FEATURE: Chinese Culture
How to mute a story on the app
Deleted thread please ignore
We need rings on on the character as accessories
Clothing: more boots!
Hair: ombre colors + strikes
FORUMS: Gif profile pictures! ✨
Things that need to be added in episode
Male characters taller
CLOTHING: Stag Horns Without Flowers
CLOTHING: Various Clothing Suggestions!
CLOTHINGS: New Clothings in episode
Animation for playing instruments
CLOTHING: Merchandise
CLOTHING : Men's hairstyles : the romantic era
Body Type : Pregnant
Durag / do-rag / wave cap option for characters (Limelight)
HAIR: Dyed hair styles
FEATURE: More shower backgrounds
FEATURE: more annoy animations
Clothing: swimming gear
HAIR : mermaid hair
FEATURE: more closets backgrounds
FEAUTURE: Sassy animations
Clothing: Socks for LL and INK
Hairstyle: Amy Winehouse's hairstyle
CLOTHING: Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings, General Rings
I have a cool idea for episode. Do u agree with me?
Hairstyles: super cute instagram styles pls
CLOTHING: Tea Length Dresses :dress:
BACKGROUND: Night / Evening Version of This BG
CLOTHING: Casts, Prosthetics, BIG Angel Wings!
ANIMATION: crying_sound_male
I might be the only one who wants them (RANT?)
FEATURE: More costumes & fantasy things
FEATURE? Rotating overlays in preview
PROP: Bow with fire arrow
Clothing: trans-men
Clothing: trans-men2
FEATURE: More Basic Limelight Props
Clothing: more tattoos for men
PROP: Different types of phones
ART: Fishnets for both genders!
Feature: easy ways to earn gems
CLOTHING: more outfits from different times
New Clothes / Hairstyles
Feature in preview
LL: 'Ankle Socks Oxford Shoes' but with longer socks (male and female)
New Limelight Eye Colours!
FEATURES: Interesting Ideas From Other Episodians! Vol: 2
New Forums Member Guide πŸ™‚
FEATURE_character body sheet
Can we have more casual tees for limelight female
Clothes for Dogs
CLOTHING: sea accessory
🎢 music suggestion 🎢
CLOTHING: More Watches (Accessory)
FEATURE: Web Previewer Shows Name Input
Clothing: tattoos and layering
Domesticated and Miscellaneous Pets
Music and Sound approvals on Episode
Wtfrick is this.......is this new
More Male hairstyles
FEATURE: Pets characters like cats or dogs
A beginners guide to Everything Episode
Child Model Ideas
HAIR: Hairstyles We Need
Should episode interactive put mermaid tails in the outfit section
CLOTHING: More Brown and Beige Pants and Shirts for Males and Females
Clothing: Can We Have More Sleeveless Long Dress?
HAIR: More hairstyle for men and women
I am kinda obsessed with these half braided hairstyles
CLOTHING: Pregnancy rompers
PM on Episode App (suggestion)
These hairstyles are a must!
FEATURE: Story Status And Lists
ART: Dogs , Guns & Tigers (Like what episode did with horses)
Dad outfits, clothing options, etc
APP: More Outfits for Profile on Episode App
More animals/more built in overlays
CLOTHING: Cultural Clothing ~In General~
ANIMATION: Animation Ideas?
CLOTHING: Armor and Wings For Horses
Character feature: flat chest
Do ya'll support or no?
IDEA FOR GEMS: All episode exclusive stories should offer a gem package specific for that story
Clothing: Nails
Eyeshadow Features for Everyone?!
FEATURE: The ability to switch accounts
What if there was a new bit of coding?
FEATURE: Beards and mustaches
CLOTHING: Vintage Underwear
IDEA FOR GEMS: Episode exclusive stories should offer a gem package specific for that story
Hair Request Thread: More Braids!
Adding exercise animations
HAIR: Wavy, Curly, Straight, Updo
Clothing: mens era-specific fashion and hairstyles
ANIMATION: Billiards animations
Feature: tags for uploaded overlays & backgrounds
CLOTHING: More clothing for plus sized characters
CLOTHING: Belly Piercings
Should episode add a skin option for people with Vitiligo when creating characters?
Suggestion: hollywood category for community
APP: Episode Money for use in app only
CLOTHING: Hijab style
PROP: Landlines
[Limelight] Tanks and Heels
FEATURE: Fantasy Robes
FEATURE: Hollywood category/genre for community writers
CLOTHING: Wedding Cloaks
CLOTHING: Sweat on the shirt
PROPS: Fitness / Gym equipment
Cloathing: Crewneck Sweatshirts
CLOTHING: Roller Skates, Blades, Accessories, Apparel
Prop Maker/Genorator
Character piercings/Tatts
CLOTHING: Facial Hair
CLOTHING: Hospital gear/equipment
CLOTHING: Hospital gear/equipment
CLOTHING: Retro/Aesthetic Clothes
Diversity in Bodies
Just a suggestion for an animation
APP: Add back Pitch Perfect In Deep Treble story
PROP: Scroll For Characters (LIMELIGHT)
ANIMATIONS: Hunger Games Animations
ANIMATION & PROP: Hockey animations + hockey stick prop πŸ’
CLOTHING: Better Jackets for Men
✨ Outfits Helper, CC helper ✨
Limelight animation suggestion
CLOTHES: Native American clothing
CLOTHING: Different piercings
CLOTHING: Black Hood for Female Characters
Limelight animation suggestion
HAIR: More mane and tail styles
Outfits and characters!
Writer's Portal: Transferring Characters & Oufits
We should be able to delete replays
Adding wolves to the portal
Ballet animations/outfits LL
New accessory for characters
NEW FEATURES- tattoo's freckles, beauty marks ect
New accessory for characters
NEW FEATURES- tattoo's freckles, beauty marks ect
Feature: Backgrounds & Overlays available for specific stories
CLOTHING: Loose Casual Clothes for Male Characters
Episode needs to be like IMVU when it comes to clothing!
HAIR: More braid hairstyles πŸ’‡πŸ½
Gloves for episode
ANIMATIONS - Sports animations
CLOTHING: Fantasy clothing
Shoes wish list
ANIMATION: Some essential actions
Adding Read History To The App
ANIMATION: Horse jumping (and refuse to jump)
Thoughts About A Paid Premium Subscription
New animations we need
Acne/Full Face Freckles
Acne/Full Face Freckles
A male version of idle_terrfied_loop
Does anyone else agree? more eye colors, skin colors, and afrocentric hairstyles <3
Hair: Side Pigtail, Curly
PORTAL: Overlays rotation in previewer
Pregnancy body types
Clothing: Cultural Clothing
New ombre hairstyle
New ombre hairstyle
Feature: Dark Mode for Writers Portal
Walking Sticks/canes and animation
Props: Movie Food
ANIMATION: Hands On Chest
Sneezing & shaking hands animations
Animations: More emotions sitting and talking
Accessories with different metal option
This outfit should be added for the males and females
Hi! I have a new idea regarding a new hair colour!
CLOTHING: More fantasy outfits
More cellphone-like sounding phone rings
Skin Tone: Jaundiced Colors
CLOTHING: New Dresses
CLOTHING: Fancy Dresses
CLOTHING: Floral A line skirt
CLOTHING: Shoulder Bags πŸ‘œ
Animation: eyeroll_sarcastic_loop
More Musical Instruments
Does anyone else agree? more eye colors, skin colors, and afrocentric hairstyles <3
HAIR: More Women trendy Hairstyles
CLOTHING: Purple Male Uniform
Hair:Styles/highlight or stricks to hair
Forum Feature: Deleting Replies on our threads
Accessories: Bandana
Adding the delete button for stories and a "Select All" feature for the "My Outfits" List
MOST RECENTLY UPLOADED: Backgrounds and Overlays
Clothing: harajuku outfit
Character: Kids
What if we had these cool hairstyles on episode!
CLOTHING: variety of pants
What if we had these cool hairstyles on episode!
Animation : greet_wai
Feature: prostheses
Animation: More Types Of Whisper
CLOTHING: Baby Hairs
Suggestion: NEUTRAL and minimalistic SPEECHBUBBLE style!
CLOTHING: clothing+hair for LL inspired by ink
Feature | Universal Closet
Character: Pigs/ Boars
Episode Interactive Profile
I said "NO" and I want to get "WET"
I think we need this.,
FEATURE: Dark/Night Mode On Episode Writer Portal
Clothing: Shirt tied around shoulder
Clothing: Plus-size school uniforms
CLOTHING: Piercingss
More Backgrounds
Sound, props, animations
Requesting boxing outfits
New Animations: Standing
Suggestions- What needs to be added to Episode next
Art Suggestion: Fantastic Fangs
Bug Squash Animation
Fan Yourself Animation
New outfis and clothes to change our profile avatar
No whistle for males
It would be really cool if they add little outfits for our pets
Sound on/off feature
Ombre hair colors!
SUGGESTION: Animations + Features to increase diversity
CLOTHING: This embedded dress for Plus Size Females
HAIR: Salt and Pepper hair for men and Ombre hair for women
HAIR: Salt and Pepper hair for men and Ombre hair for women
WE NEED THIS ANIMATION :tipping_hand_woman: :tipping_hand_woman:
CLOTHING: Gloves, Professions and Miscellaneous
HAIR: Different styles for LOCS and BOX BRAIDS
ANIMATION: talk_think_neutral_loop
I really wish we had these things released for pride month
Clothing: lehanga dresses
Bike overlays and animations
CLOTHING: ROYAL! Limelight <<<
I would love to see that!
CLOTHING: New Dress Styles
CHARACTER: Child (4 Years Old) - Body Type
Some more sit animations
Feature + Suggestion ✨ New Hairtyles ✨
New Author of the Month Suggestion
Feature + Suggestion :right_anger_bubble: :revolving_hearts: HAIR: COLOR STREAKS
CLOTHING: More tattoos for males & females :star_struck: :sunglasses:
CHARACTER: Males - Beard Types
CLOTHING: Leather Medieval Sword Belt
ANIMATION: Dizzy Fainting
Feature: Muscular body type for Women
HAIR: Some hair Ideas
Bringing back outfits
A couple of things I think should be added to the Game
Clothing: Socks for men
Body/Actor: Child/Kid
FEATURE: a new genre ---> historical permanent shelve
Hair : Side ponytail (suggestion)
ANIMATION: walk_armscrossed_loop
Socks & tights - ART SUGGESTION
FEATURE: Make LimeLight For Mobile
FEATURE: Long hair for Males
Music in the mobile version and one more style too(musica e estilos
New Body Features: Facial Hair for Males and Tattoos for All
CHARACTERS: Adding children
APP: More Settings
Please add new features to mobile creation
Makeup Animation?
Limelight Animation and Aavtar Suggestions
Episode App Writing
CLOTHING & OVERLAY: People With Disabilities!
Body:baby bump body
Clothing, Animations, Boxing, Tomboy, Kicking
Clothing: we should be able to customize our clothing to some extent
Idea for Episode
Talk_asleep? Wouldn’t that be a cool animation?
Children? Did you mean, small adults?
More wedding clothes
Mobile Creation Update Ideas!
More art for older characters (Limelight)
Please add this skin color
Templates for customization everytime something is added or deleted from customizable settings
Replay Episode Option!
Music in the mobile version and one more style too(musica e estilos
Music and Sounds (Our Own)
More Clothes Options For INK Male And Female
About the Art + Animations category
About the Writer's Portal Features category
They should add holding hands
Animal Art Customizing- no overlays
Please add this skin color
CLOTHING: Featured outfits INK
CLOTHING: Community Dress Request
Publishing Your Story on the App
ANIMATION: More Animations and Weather Effects for Limelight
SUGGESTION: Markers/Comments in Script
Pets for episode
CLOTHING: More Accessories for Ink
Tattoos for Ink
Please , i recommend highly
FEATURE: LGBTQ Representation
CLOTHING: More Purle & Silver & Gold clothing and footwear for Ink & Limelight
Can we get hats?
Feature: music creator
More Ink jewellery