FEATURE reset story progress in writhers portal


Now I have always to go to the app to do that.
If you support this like this post.



You can still do this In the previewer, do you mean in a different way, or is it broken in the previewer, you may need to send a support ticket.


the previeuwer in the writer portal? There you have only update script not reset story progress.


No, that’s not true, I’ve done it a lot of times. Click on the same buttons used you used in the app, and then you should be able to find it there.


strange i don’t find them…
writher portal



a little bit different no??


There is a problem. You should have that.


well taking a ticket that does not have a point because they don’t answer…


Try sending another, pray, etc. it may work. (It’s better to send one when people are in school.)


When people are in school???

Anneke Bellen




Oops nvm. I was wrong the whole tme. :joy: :rofl: Please DON’T* hate me. :sweat_smile: