FEATURE reset story progress in writhers portal

Now I have always to go to the app to do that.
If you support this like this post.



You can still do this In the previewer, do you mean in a different way, or is it broken in the previewer, you may need to send a support ticket.

the previeuwer in the writer portal? There you have only update script not reset story progress.

No, that’s not true, I’ve done it a lot of times. Click on the same buttons used you used in the app, and then you should be able to find it there.

strange i don’t find them…
writher portal



a little bit different no??

There is a problem. You should have that.

well taking a ticket that does not have a point because they don’t answer…

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Try sending another, pray, etc. it may work. (It’s better to send one when people are in school.)

When people are in school???

Anneke Bellen


Oops nvm. I was wrong the whole tme. :joy: :rofl: Please DON’T* hate me. :sweat_smile:

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IT’s BEEEN 8 months :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth: bump?

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