FEATURE: Resources for People with English as a Second Language


Hello Everyone,

As most of us probably witnessed, there are some great stories out there that either people stop reading, or the writers give up on finishing because readers criticize them for having bad grammar. I’ve noticed that for most of these authors, English isn’t their native Language.

So I was wondering that it would be cool if Episode had resources to help those authors with revising and editing their stories. I know that there’s the writing partner thing, but I’m not sure it is fully effective. Maybe there could be a specific category for writing editors? English is my first language but I use to intern as an ESL tutor, and I witness first hand how much of a talented writer anyone can be. I just don’t like to see people give up on their good stories because they can’t master a language that they barely understand.

Do I have any supporters? :raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀

FEATURE: Language symbols

I support, even though English is my first language. Is this a feature request? :thinking:


Idk, I’ve been trying to put it under the proper category for the longest. I really don’t get this new forum. :woman_shrugging:t5::joy::joy:


Well, it is now :joy::joy::joy:


Ask @Ryan or @Jeremy to move it for you if you want. Personally, I think it belongs in the feature request section, although I’m not sure in which sub-section. :slight_smile:


I support.


Make sure to follow the Feature Request Guidelines so the topic doesn’t get closed. Thanks.


Support! Having spell check and Grammar functions helps us a ton!!

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