FEATURE: Reusable/Accessible Closet

This goes hand in hand with my app recommendation for a closet shelf.
A reusable feature that shows us our personal collection of premium outfits we bought for 20-30 gems and a closet feature within stories that we’re playing. The cost of the premium outfits just doesn’t feel worth it at times. It costs 20-30 gems for a one of a kind outfit that I will use once. Maybe more people would be willing to cough up the 20-30 gems if it becomes a permanent reusable outfit throughout other Episode Original Stories (maybe other stories as well). So some users may have 2 outfits from Love Life and 2 from The Baby Project, while another has all the outfits from Matchmaker only. The closet within stories should be optional for writers. For example, if an author wants us to choose a certain type of look they can “lock the closet”. Hope this shelf/feature makes sense!



so my forum has just be closed cause this forum exists. even though my suggest is different


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This is a profoundly underrated suggestion.

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Tysm :heart:

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