FEATURE: Rotating in Life Previewer


We still don’t have the option to do rotating overlays in Life Previewer. It could be done so easily!

And not only for overlays, also for characters!
When characters fly, we could use rotating anchor on them as well! :heart:

FEATURE: Rotation in the previewer, at least!





I don’t know if it’d be easy to implement coding-wise… in fact, it could be quite hard, what with having to choose an anchor point, on top of rotating.
But if it IS possible, this feature would be a life saver.
I would really like to be able to rotate my overlays the same way that I can move and scale them in the previewer. It’s so time consuming not knowing how your overlay is going to move or where it’s going to go, depending on the anchor point you choose.



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Rotating characters needs to become a feature




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