FEATURE: Rotation in the previewer, at least!

As I’m looking up ways to rotate or spot direct my overlays I see that I can basically for the first time I can rotate my overlays, so at one point I go into the previewer and/or I tried to see if I can, you know, use the previewer were to help me rotate it and I see that there is no option to help you rotate the overlays. don’t you think that you can maybe add a little button or bar on the side in the directing helper so that people who- well, I’m not really supposed to, like, magically know what numbers to use, so, I am kind of confused and I’m bad at math, so this could be really good for people who can’t do math in can’t really come up with the coordinates on their own!



Already suggested here:

@Sydney_H , can you please close, please?

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink: