FEATURE: Rules for Accepting Requests on Art Section


Summary cause this is SO LONG, but read if you want to know more: there should rules for taking requests in the Art Section because there are people who jump over each other and there’s a lot of confusion when people are trying to take each other’s orders. It’s overall confusing and it can cause arguments.

When someone makes a thread asking for a cover, splash, etc, there’s probably like 5 people who want to make it. And this causes a problem where there’s different people making one thing (keep in mind the author will only use one, this is wasting the creator’s time), and there’s people jumping over each other saying “I can do it!” “No, I can!” “Look at my examples” “I can do it quicker 5-10 mins” and things like that.

The first person who requests usually is left out of this convo, something i’ve noticed, and there’s biased-ness (is that a word?) where an art group says “We can make it” and starts tagging their own people instead of giving others a chance. I know this doesn’t make so much sense so I’ll give an example of how I’ve noticed 90% of the requests go…

Poster: Can someone make a cover for my new story? Please comment if you’re able to!
Person1: Hi, I can. Can you send me the details?
Poster: sure! give me a moment
Artgroup: We can * tags 4 people from their art group *
Person from art group: Hi, * art group name * is at your service!!
Artgroup: We can make it. Want examples?

then basically they just keep talking about it and person1 is always left out and doesn’t get to make it… i’m not blaming art groups, of course they want customers, everyone does, but maybe they can let other people take it too.

The only way to fix this (i’ve already tried asking them to discuss before jumping and tagging people and just leaving others out but it hasn’t worked) is maybe we can make a new rule? Like add it to the guidelines and it will be against the rules to do this. Obviously not a ban for doing it because it’s normal to want a customer like that, but a nice warning from a mod and a stickied post asking them to take requests a little nicer could prevent something like this.

First come and first serve isn’t always the best, but i think we should let the first person talk it out with the poster before people jump in to take the request. It can overwhelm the customer, arguing can break out, and there is so much confusion on who’s making it! It also wastes some artist’s time when there’s multiple people doing it, and the creator can only pick one, so the other work is going to waste.

Let me know if you agree or if there’s another way to solve this… it’s not fair to the people who’s orders are taken from them and it’s really confusing!


100% agree!!!


Preach girl


I think if people want a cover or any type of edit done they should look at multiple threads of art groups and people then request by pm or DM then I would save a lot of trouble if they just looked around a bit :heartpulse:


I couldn’t agree more! It’s like vultures after their prey, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable the poster must feel. They ask but are completely left out of their own thread.

I made a suggestion (I’ve actually made 2 but this one is more of a solution to the issue you’ve raised than my other one).


Yeah… Elma that would but New people to the forums won’t do that because hey are new and don’t really know much… I think we shouldn’t let the person wanting to he art decide who does it… offer your help… post examples and be done… I offer my help… if the person asking looks me over that’s totally okay… I don’t understand the point in fighting that why I stop responding when others start in… if the person wanted me to make it they can always pm someone…


I completely agree, @stronglcve


I agree. I think there should also be a time limit rule for requests. I had an experience with an art group that said they would do my art scene. They then swapped it between loads of people in their group and after giving me multiple excuses I ended up getting it A month and a Half after I originally asked for it.

I had to rework my episodes around this one group and that ultimately messed things up for me.

Also, maybe how many requests each person does? Another example is I asked for an art scene from a group who said they would do it. A week after I requested it, I Msg the group artist to see how it’s going. This was on Instagram so I saw they read the msg. Another few days go by so I msg again. Same thing happens. A week later I msg asking what’s going on and get ranted at about how this artist is doing 15 other requests and how I’m being a horrible customer.

Some people just aren’t organised and I feel like if we had proper guidelines for them it would make the whole process much smoother for those requesting and delivering orders :slight_smile:


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