FEATURE: Save as text

I don’t know why, but I feel more saved and secured if saving story as text, because you never know when server will corrupt and break.

So I’d like to see there’s a button to save all (chapters) as text or save individual chapter as text.



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Support the first post in this thread, only that counts :heart: Thank you :heart:

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We have this if you’re curious: HOW TO: Check Out Previous Drafts You Saved (it shows your saved revisions normally)

And you can always back up your story on word documents, save the file, keep more than 1 copy of it.

Yes manually, how about with a button automatically? (I know how to save manually)

Not that sure what u mean but if you check out your previous revisions, they’re all there for you :smiley:

Yes, but you still need to select all, copy and past in notepad.

Automatically goes like this:

  • you click on button to save as text
  • new small window pops out with already suggested name of saved file and an option to browse your computer (or phone), to save it elsewhere as default.
  • you click on save or cancel.

Oh, ok I see what u mean and Oh my gosh, that would be awesome :heart_eyes:


Liked and support! :heart:

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