FEATURE : Saving Story Drafts


I’m not sure if it’s a thread already for this :sneezing_face::grimacing:

I was freaking out for like 20 minutes a hour ago ,because the page refreshed and now all the coding and directing I just spent my PRECIOUS TIME on is vanished. :frowning::sneezing_face: I’m sure most authors know this frustrating and stressful feeling and lose motivation from this. I am not blaming this experience on anyone but MYSELF , but I see that you guys have it on the forums when you save drafts/comments and I was thinking , “Why the %#$? don’t they do it for the writers portal???”. Plus if you do add this feature it would be cool if we could turn it off or on. We wouldn’t ever take this feature for granted, so please take idea into consideration (: :blue_heart:


This would be really helpful of a feature.