FEATURE: scifi genre

I was kinda surprised to see there was no forum about this.

but anyway we need a sci-fi genre on episode. it doesn’t work that you have to put your story under adventure or something. sci-fi is known and popular genre and it’s about time they get there own shelf. its one of the basic known genre there is. so please episode adds it to the app.

also, I got an idea for the basic cover. a UFO flying plate with a light beam under it

we have thriller and horror which most people dont the difference of. but no sci-fi

edit: it would be cool that when they update with it they also made a sci-fi contest at the same time to get some stories on it

also, star wars the rise of skywalker has premier this year. one of the most famous sci-fi series. you could get to work and be really cool on the premier day with. hey, we love star wars here is the sci-fi genre for all the people who love SciFi!!!

and you know you could always make it share a spot with fantasy. like you do with action/adventure horror/thriller


I don’t why this hasn’t come to mind. I agree, and episode should really make this happen! This could also encourage more sci-fi stories.

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Support, support, support. It was almost impossible to choose a genre for my story since none of them is similar to scifi, scifi stories get lost in the selves but they are my absolute favorite. They’re so difficult to find!


glad to know there is a forum about it. I could not find it myself

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Duplicate closed. Refer to link by @AMagic to show support for this request! :smiley: