FEATURE: Screen Recording


My question is can screens only be recorded for iPhone or certain Samsung phones? I would love that feature on my phone but I don’t seem to have it. There a reason for that I don’t see people talking about it but I guess if you don’t know some people don’t have this feature, why would you mention it. Just wondering, and if someone has already brought this up, please let me know where it is so I can see what’s going on.

Thanks! :hearts::green_heart:


Hi! Are you asking a question about how to screen record on you phone or making a suggestion to the Episode App? Just a bit unclear what your intentions are with this thread :slight_smile: Thanks!


@Soe_Jaded I think only iOS devices have the ability to record their screens but Androids do not. I’m an Android user and I don’t have this feature. Not sure if other Android users have got it yet (or ever?).

I think back then they said it’s because there are multiple versions of Android builds than iOS builds, so it’s harder to accommodate for Android devices as quickly as iOS devices. This is also one of the reasons why most iOS users received Mobile Creation first and most Android users had to wait for over 6 months before getting access to it (because of the software).

Nevertheless, it’d be nice if all devices came with this feature…


There are a couple of apps you can install on your phone to be able to record. I use DU Recorder on my android phone.


i’m confused, doesn’t everyone have this feature regardless of your phone type…?


If you’re speaking about general recording, episode isn’t able to access that type of stuff. if you’re talking about episode screen recording there is a feature for that.


I have that one but I just wondered if I could have the same convenience as the iOS users, but apparently that ain’t the case. :sweat_smile::sweat:


Nope. Which sucks, 'cause I see people on Instagram showing off scenes from their stories and I’m like, “Wait, what’s this Start/Stop Recording button I see?” So this is how I get punished for owning a certain phone. LOL


Oh!! okay, well I think you should youtube videos on how to screen record on an android (:blush:


Nah, I was just talking about the option on the drop down menu in the app that says, “Start Recording”. I don’t have that, so I was hoping it would be included for ALL phones. We’ll see I guess.


Unfortunately, that requires downloading a completely separate recording app, of which there are many to choose from, and that means a lot of different methods for recording and not just one simple way. In other words, I wouldn’t even have the time. :sweat_smile: I’ll just carry on being jealous instead. :grin::joy::kissing_heart:


I use D*V Screen Record (really record screen with internal sound + screenshots) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dddvvv.dvvtomaszewski.screenrecord


No. Not everyone does.