FEATURE: Scroller in middle of writing field

We miss a scroller in middle, writing field between left and right menu, so that we can only scroll the script.

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What do you mean?

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Every pages has scroller which enables us to scroll up and down.

Scroller is also needed in script field of writers portal, that’s that middle field where we’re writing (it has left and right sidebar).

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You want to scroll up and down in your script?

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Yes I’d love that

You don’t have the scroll bar that I showed in my picture? :open_mouth:

Well I do, but it’s not good enough since it doesn’t work on mobile browsers.

Ah you want it for mobile.

Yeah, I agree. I’d love to edit from my phone but that’s the reason I don’t.

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I write through mobile a lot! More then on desktop. :slightly_frowning_face:

same mine doesn’t work

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Support! I would be able to use my ipad

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