FEATURE: Search clothing item in all outfits


Imagine you’re making an outfit for a character and want to make sure they’ve already got it in their closet.
As things are now, you’d have to look through all the outfits for said character. However, if we were able to search for a specific piece of clothing in the outfits we’ve made, things would be a lot easier.

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I’m so here for that! :raised_hands:t3:

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My technique in organizing the clothing is by naming it according to character, so whenever I create a new outfit then I needed to put it in the script all I have to do is type the Name of the character and the outfits will appear in the dropdown. That’s a lot easier for me. Just sharing! :relaxed::heart:

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I do that, too, but sometimes it’d just be easier to get a quick overview if you could search - like, “did I use the Black Boho Feather Earrings for this character, or?” :sweat_smile: Thank you for sharing, though :sparkles:

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