FEATURE: Search Filter

I think it’s about time we discuss the mess that is the story search feature. (not sure if there is already a thread about this)

Wouldn’t it be BEYOND helpful to be able to filter your search results? -

Meaning once you have searched a story genre or a specific word like “best friends”: you can filter the content based on criteria such as INK, LL, CC (or limited CC), Most recently updated, Most Reads, Ect.?

I think it would be beneficial for not just authors to have their stories found more effortlessly, but to be able to give readers content that is updated rather frequently, as well as filter out inactive stories.
(I am not by any means saying that the stories that are less frequently updated shouldn’t show up in the search, just that the ones that have been would show up first.

I don’t know how many times I have tried searching for a story and having the first search result be a story with 2 chapters/episodes. By implementing a search filter this issue could be resolved.




Closed as there are already requests relating to this issue: FEATURE: Improve the search function on the app and FEATURE: Search Filters. :smiley: Please make sure to search the request section to avoid creating duplicate topics! :wink:

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