FEATURE: Search Filters


We all know that search engine right now works really bad. The topic started here but I have a few more ideas of filtering the stories. The features could be ticked in the story settings on author’s profile - if someone doesn’t do it, simply won’t appear in the filter results.


  • Typing phase (part of title or description)
  • Number of reads in general - ascending / desending
  • Number of reads: above/below x reads (for people who search for new stories and for people that want to read something more “confirmed”)
  • Genres, of course.
  • Number of episodes: more than x, ascending, descending
  • Tags that we needed to fill.
  • Stories updated this month-2months (to avoid stories on hold)
  • More episodes coming soon / On hold / FULLY RELEASED
  • Style (Ink/LL/Classic)
  • Extras: 2 Love Interests, Customization, Semi-customization, Multiple endings, Art scenes, Sounds, LGBT

It’s my dream :smiley:

FEATURE: Search Filter

kinda like it but I would want 1 more thing search on stories lgtbq


Yes! I wanted to write it but I forgot :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: