FEATURE: Search for sound/music

We desperately need a search feature for sound! They’ve added one for behaviors so why not a sound search?. Anyone who has tried/added sound to their story knows the struggle of constantly looping and browsing sound endlessly. Filtering it would help get the sounds you don’t need out without wasting time scrolling over them again and again. Specific sound searches would help identify the sound you’re looking for faster and better.


Man, I support this, I know the struggle too well.

SUPPORT!! I’ve been thinking this for a while actaully, then forgot until I saw this! :hugs::tada:

I’m adding sound at the moment to one of my stories and I’m so indecisive fr

Yeah, me too, I JUST found the perfect one.

Lmao that’s what I would say then I’d replay the preview and say eh maybe not spends another 30 minutes finding the same sound

Exactly, since the music doesnt play on the side so I have to add the music, save it, PREVIEW it, listen to it and then its something I dont want so i have to REPEAT the process for like a whole nother hour

I have a story that’s 1600 lines long and has a shit ton of scenes so I’m going to be having fun for the next month.


It will be a good idea to put our own music. For example in one scene put ‘The night we met’ of Lord Huron

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agree i always have a hard time finding them.




support godamnit :smiley:

Support! :heart:

OMG support :anguished:

2019 people, we need this! Support

Bump !!! After 3 months !