FEATURE section to strict

I don’t want to be annoying, really not. I know you want to have organized and beautiful forum.

But not allowing us to post all animation ideas in one post, the rule that we have to post one suggested animations by one in separated posts, … I believe this will only bring millions posts in month and of course every second post will be the same.

Not nagging :heart: just thinking out loud :heart: Could this be changed?

@Jeremy ? :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Support! I love when everything is organized as well! But posts about every little thing will make so hard to find things and clutter sections. Hope you reconsider them again!


Thanks for your feedback. This has been the same rule that was set in place for the original forums as well. Not one thing has changed regarding this. We do appreciate your input though.


agree, the rules are so strict. i know that they want an organized website, but this is a place to share ideas and thoughts. the rules should be lightened a bit. like how our titles need to be in an exact way, otherwise the staff will take down your post or make you change it. why is the forums like this?? i thought there would be simpler rules, not “format your titles like this” and “have no more than 2 suggestions in a topic” and “you can only add 1 picture to a post if you are new”

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^^ i would like you to read that !! i think the rules should be lightened a bit.

This is how it was like in the old forums too. And honestly I like it. It makes it easier to show support for what you want. If someone requests 30 different things on one thing it makes it confusing. Like maybe you like some of the ideas they have but not all of them so it just makes it all disorganized.

I feel like these rules aren’t huge problems and just make everything work better (They made the section work really well in the OG Forums. I should know since I’ve been their for so long)

And how the titles are supposed to be written helps a lot too. It makes it so people can see what exactly you are requesting and just makes the whole section better to look at and less confusing. Besides, it only takes like 3 seconds to quickly add “FEATURE:” or “ANIMATION:” etc at the beginning of the title.


I think it’s only 1 suggestion per post :thinking:

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oops, that’s what i meant but i accidentally clicked 2 on my keyboard, sorry!

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile:

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