FEATURE: See reads you have including the first episode

I want the option to see how many reads you have in total, or have it be shown to others insteads of myself only. I want to see who reads them, I’m ok with not knowing exactly who, just how many in total. By that I mean, appears that if someone only reads the first episode of a story, that read won’t register.

I’d like to know.

At least have it set up the way that I can know myself alone, if you don’t want others to see. It gets really discouraging.


I make stories and sometimes people read the first episode only cuz it is the only one out. I would like to see how many reads that I have in total. It helps me in self-esteem about my stories, I can know, like on wattpad, how may people have read my stories in full and I’d also like a feature along with that to see how many people have read individual episodes, what I really want is a filter that allows you to pick what you want to see.

Like if you want the option to only see how many reads you get from different phones/accounts, you can set that.

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Yeah that would be useful