FEATURE: Self-made outfits for the Profile Avatar


Been thinking about this for a while too! Definitely agree! :heart:


Since Episode added freckles and tattoos to the clothing section. This feature would be very useful :grin::wink:


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I totally support this. I’m not really feeling the premade outfits :joy:

Support squad


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Oh I already did!

Thanks for the tag Adam :upside_down_face:


Yassssss so true!




I strongly support this. I’m really not a fan of the premade outfits.
Thanks for tagging me @Adam.Epy!!!


I love how you put support squad because tbh I tag most of those people in these kinds of posts


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everyone needs to support this thread!


Bumping this, mon amie :wink:

That means my friend in French BTW :sparkling_heart:


Yes! I’d love to give my avatar new style! Support!


Thank you my friend :two_hearts:




Thanks for all the support guys! It means very much to me :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


I just want to come back and point out…

How misleading this last ad photo is. We don’t have any of those outfits those two girls have. So I really hope episode updates this.
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