FEATURE: Set how long we want the reader message to stay


I have stories with really long reader messages and I need them to stay for a long period of time due to the fact that I have a lot of words in them so I have to be able to set how long they’re there, especially now because they stay for a very SHORT PERIOD OF TIME, TOO SHORT

They go fast and they shouldn’t.

I hate it.

The readers never know what it says, and I want them too.

What I want is a code that allows you to set how long you want the read message to stay down for. Thank you

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Support :v: I take my time to understand what the sentence is saying but it goes away too fast :cry:




Support! Sometimes I want them to be even the tiniest bit shorter too.


Support! I need this function as well! :)))))






That would be cool! Support :heart:


This topic deserves to be more appreciated! We need this people!!!
Support! :heart: :wink:


Makes sense!


Support! :two_hearts: Sometimes I want the readers to take time and read the readermessage, sometimes I would want to go away fast too if it was for example a code to stuff and they should’ve read it! :hugs: They should really take this into consideration! :smile:






I really support this… It would be so useful!


As an individual with dyslexia, like the slow reader I am, I struggle to catch up with every detailed reader message so I don’t gain anything from even trying to read it, hence I support this very much :sneezing_face:


Is this not an update yet? :scream::grin::revolving_hearts:


Bump ^^


I fully support this!


Bump :upside_down_face: