FEATURE: Sharing backgrounds


There are many backgrounds pages and I thought that if when somebody uploads a background they can decide if it’s “Private” or “Public” and if you want a credit. When you see the background in the catalog you see who uploaded it and if you need to add credit.
Do you support?


it would be a great idea, but I think people will steal backgrounds and not credit the creator :woman_shrugging:t4:


You can add a waterline to your background


Waterline on backgrounds are not allowed, that means background is copyrighted. Yeah sometimes Episode team approves such, but by mistake.

I never use photos to which I have to give credits. Only special art scenes and covers.


I used an art scene as a background with the person name as a signature on the background who did it, and it was approved.


Honestly, everyone has their different opinion on whether backgrounds have watermarks or dont have watermarks that will be approved or wont be approved.