FEATURE: Shelf for Spotlight stories

I don’t think there are any suggested feature threads like this, so I hope I searched properly (it also may be that everyone hates Spotlight but me, and that’s why I found no results).

I noticed that when you read the summary of any Episode story, if it’s a Spotlight story, that’s listed alongside the genre, like so: “Community | Spotlight | Fantasy.” Yet, there’s no Spotlight shelf, as it’s technically not a genre. I wish, however, that there were a permanent shelf for Spotlight stories, sort of the way there are for various genres.

I know more people hate Spotlight than not, but for that reason, Spotlight stories, the few there are, are hard to find. Plus searches for “spotlight” yield results for stories in cinematic style with the word “spotlight” in the title.

I LIKE Spotlight. BUT I didn’t always. The first couple times I read stories in that format, my reaction was usually what you see in most fan-mail for Spotlight stories: “Why is it like this?”

However, I warmed to it, and I think other people may as well if there were more opportunities to play Spotlight stories. Most readers, however, seem kind of confused when they see it utilized. I wish Episode promoted this format a little more to support writers who actually want to use it. I think it has a lot to offer and encourages a different writing style from “cinematic” stories. I don’t think it’s better. Just different, and I think it could be taken a bit more seriously. Maybe writers who struggle with directing would actually give it a try if the app treated Spotlight like a viable alternative to Cinematic by giving Spotlight stories any kind of recognition. The Spotlight-themed contest was a nice way of doing this, but without that contest, there would be very few Spotlight stories, as Episode seems kind of content to pretend it doesn’t exist.

I think a shelf would put it forward as a legitimate style and give people a chance to see what Spotlight has to offer.

OR I’m just the prez, VP, secretary, treasurer, and sole member of the Spotlight fan club. :blush:


Glad I’m not alone!


I’m a new writer, and I saw that limelight and spotlight are the two newest features, must be pretty new since I wasn’t able to find any stories on episode, which was sooo frustrating. The directing is completely different for the two formats! But I feel like cinematic, even on the highest quality like the episode official stories can end up looking kind of awkward, and wastes story time. The streamlined nature of Spotlight gives you more of a chance to focus on the STORY. Although I do admit it does take getting used to XD


I really enjoy using spotlight because I’m a writer who doesn’t have a lot of time to actually write my stories. I’m currently in high school (unlike many writers on the platform who are mostly in college) and that means that since I have, you know, school, I don’t have much time write out code for a lot of advanced directing. So, I use spotlight because I don’t have to use spot directing or overlays, or other advanced stuff. (Actually, no, I still use some overlays)


OMG I feel the same way! My first story uses the Spotlight format, and honestly, I’m scared that readers won’t like it because it’s not the format that they’re used to :confounded:. I rarely see any stories that have the Spotlight format, and it makes me worried about how my story is going to end up. Spotlight is definitely underrated, and it definitely goes a long way for writers who don’t have much time to learn the coding for the regular format due to their busy schedule back in the real world. I would love to join the Spotlight fan club with other Spotlight lovers :heart:!



I know it’s unpopular, but I still think it should be easier to search/find SL stories.

I wanted to write a spotlight story. People said the story idea was good but they didn’t agree on Spotlight. :cry:

bump and I like this idea :eyes:

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Bump! I love this idea!

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Bumping. The spotlight contest shelf isn’t even up anymore. :sweat:

It’s so reassuring that I found this, because like you said, most people seem to hate on Spotlight. I don’t see why, as it’s an excellent way for people who are not used to/bad at directing to still make stories! I’m a writer way more than I’m a coder, and I can only imagine having to painstakingly code for even a couple of episodes, nevermind a whole series. It’s a great option for people like me, and those who want to go for a more visual novel effect anyway, without worrying about having to actually place all the characters in particular spots, or worrying about them not lining up.

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