FEATURE: Show fanmail even though the author didn't reply

Um, yeah, I got fan mail on one of my stories and when I read it was a emoji, unfortunately, when I went into the app the fammail never showed up and only the one I replied o showed, can you make it the way that I don’t ave to reply fr people to see them, I mean, maybe this is a way to get people replied to so that, I want them to be seen so that other people can knew that they read my story and liked it, I want them to be drawn in by the comments of other saying they liked my story and loved to read it. ,:grinning:


I don’t want to be rude, but why don’t you reply to fanmails if you would like to get them seen by others?
Even a “thank you” is enough, or if it’s just an emoji you can reply back with an emoji?

I think the reason why fanmails don’t appear automatically is that some of them may also offend the authors and this way they have the chance to ignore or block those users.

Well, if I get a lot of fanmail, I don’t want to reply to all of them to get seen, and I personally myself would like mine that I sent to be seen, at the least, can’t it just be like YouTube where you can pick if you want all fanmail to be seen automatically, or if you want to approve all of it, and what if you get millions of people that like your story and then send thousands of fanmail? I don’t want to talk to that many people. Or if somebody genuinely wants all fanmail to be seen??? I want my fanmail to get seen because if it doesn’t it may make readers leave and I don’t want that, my mom is one of those people that read comments t see what the movie is like before she watches to see if she wants to watch it, or not, and sometimes se considers not watching it because of no comments and I have to talk her onto it.

Okay, I understand your point. I don’t receive thousands of fanmails, so I didn’t even think about this case :slightly_smiling_face:

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