FEATURE: Sign Language Animations


I agree. Though there was story where there was a deaf characters. The character would do animations and another’s character would just respond or translate what she said. I just thought it was cool that she did that.






I support but i think its different in any country? I might be wrong though


Heck Yeah!!! I totally love this! the Deaf are radical people who can do anything a hearing person can (well… except hear…)! it would be cool to have animations like that because you could A) use it as an actual conversation in ASL and B) might be able to use the animations for something else… However, they probably wouldn’t be able to make all Signs (cause that’s way too many animations), and the only other language it would be relatable to would be French Sign Language… Although, ASL is a visual language, and even if you can’t pick up on all the signs the facial expressions tell a lot about what’s going on. So it would be cool on the app… IDK it would be asking a lot from the Episode team… :thinking: IDK
it would be cool!:grinning::sunglasses::star_struck:






10000% agree! I would be able to do this amazing story about a deaf police officer if this was added!


Ahh yayyy! :heart_eyes::two_hearts: sounds amazing.


You’re right!!!


Yeah. I’m from the UK and we have BSL (British sign language).






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This is super great in theory, and I totally support it. But this would require many of the animators to learn ASL, as well as animating different signs. Then there’s the whole thing of nonmanual markers. I think the easiest and closest thing that we could get to this is either the sign for “gesture” or just a general gesture itself (which there are tons of animations for!) Something I’d like to add to this thread is having hearing aids and/or cochlear implants! I’ve read one story where the author used the earpiece with the mic as a hearing aid, which is actually pretty accurate to use as a hearing aid. Anyways that’s my suggestion.




Support <3