FEATURE: Sign Language Animations


That is an awesome idea, like I said in a different topic it would make the visuals much more realistic and fun to use. I totally support 100%


That would be amazing if Episode had that feature. It would be nice if they included hearing aids too. I had some, growing up. Bte, (Behind the ear) and Ite (In the ear). Sometimes kids would make fun of other kids who had hearing aids, I was made fun of. Hearing aids are expensive though. It’s 5,000 dollars a pair and sometimes insurance doesn’t cover for them. Now, Sign language takes about three years to master fluently.


sameee omggg


I went to a Sign Language concert called SIGNature. my schl has a sign language club and they recently have a concert and it was a blast for everyone!!


support an opportunity for more diverse stories, I’d definitely use those animations






OMG 100 percent support


Support :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Thank you so much :sparkles:




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Wow that’s an amazing story. In sorry about that, much love :kissing_heart::heart: Thank you for your suggestions! :smile::smile::smile:


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