FEATURE: Skipping reread


Every episode reader knows how annoying it is having to reread a chapter when your favorite author has updated their story. What is it displayed something like this so you can get the option to reread it or skip to the next chapter? It would look something like this :arrow_down:

Just a suggestion since I know many people get annoyed by this :grin:


I think that is a great idea :slight_smile: It would make things easier for the reader and the Author.


I think that is a great idea it would be so helpful to authors and readers


I feel like I get where you’re coming from - but what if an author really changed the storyline? I feel like it should be up to the author, not the reader.


Yeah but if they changed the storyline completely you would just replay the story. Maybe the author could choose to have it there or not?


Support. I hate when this happens so much. This feature has actually stopped me from reading a lot of my favorite stories.


I support this :sparkling_heart:


I NEED IT sorry stuck on caps


To automatically give opinion to skip chapter- it’s impossible.
Because some authors use gains, remembered named choices etc.
and skipping automatically- that would screw further chapters.


Another bump for this lovely feature ^^


can we please get this!! i hate when this happens :frowning: