FEATURE: Skipping reread

Agreed. I don’t even notice these “changes” unless it a revamp/changed storyline, which in that case, the reader can replay the story (unless they have already reached the five-replay limit, which is another issue I have talked about).

While there are authors who automatically code this into their stories, a lot of them don’t.

Why we don’t have this yet? :weary:

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I see this has been an issue for quite some time lol.

Support for sure.


SUPPORT!!! 100% I love this option!!!

maybe ask them what choices they did?

Personally, I never remember my choices lol. I can just see all the “UGH I DIDN’T WANT TO REPLAY BUT I CHOSE THE WRONG CHOICES. NOW IM GOING TO DIE. CAN I CHOOSE AGAIN???” lol
I have too many important choices in most of my stories to have this option. If it was just one or two it might be okay.



I was just going to make a thread about this!
99% of the time I don’t see a difference either



I just have a question to ask…? So basically, I have two questions. 1. When new episodes release, is there an option to skip to them when you have already read their story before the newer episodes? Thanks and 2. I was watching an add to skip pass refill time, when my phone died. Then when I joined back not only did my pass not save, but the episode that I was supposed to be reading, had just apparently been READ!? So what am I supposed to do now without having to re-read the whole thing again and getting back to that CRUCIAL last episode?

Support ! <3