FEATURE: Sleep mode for users



I think episode should make a sleep mode for users ( on the forum), like a moon emoji and show it to the name if the user turn on the sleep mode.
It should shows if the user is sleeping or inactive other way the others can think that you don’t what to answer them or avoiding them. That’s the best ways it could be useful:

  1. Don’t notify/message someone while is in sleep mode or inactive

  2. Wait for him/her to be active and know exactly when message

  3. PM the person at the good time


In the top right side of the screen, after your photo add a button to be easier to turn on/off the mode.
In the following image is an idea of design it does’t really matter so much, just a suggest

Support if you agree!:heart::wink:




but you can check to see when someone was last active, so there’s really no point tbh


Maybe but only if you want to click on every profile. which for me is so annoying


This can be a good idea, I support this. :+1:






Maybe it would make more sense to put this icon besides user names that were inactive for I donnow - 4 hours or smthg.?