FEATURE: Something that would make layering in Preview easier



Imagine this, there is an elaborate crowded background someone may need to write. They are trying their dang hardest to take into account stuff like layering and scale. And then looking into the Preview Window, no matter how much a character in the way back is in their negative nth layer for some reason a couple of character in the foreground phase through them as if they are behind the backgrounder.

Maybe this is my inexperience talking, but it gets very annoying not knowing the problem, if it’s a glitch or just there are some certain characters that may be in different layers than I thought.

Either way, I would want to get some sort of counter (maybe to go along with Spot Directing) which would also indicate which characters (maybe also overlays) are at which layers.

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YES! There are times even now where I have completely changed a scene because @CHARACTER moves to -24 still doesn’t seem to work.

Since when you “copy stage” in the portal, it copies the layer too, I don’t think including something like this would be too hard


Sorry I added a poll


No it’s fine, thank you for the cause! :wink:


This would seriously help! I support this hehe


It’s good to know that layering issues are ubiquitous in the forum!


It’s absolutely frustrating to have to look back at all the layering you previously typed out and try to find the problem!




You need to set character’s layer when you spot them, immediately.
If you instead of spotting use “character enters from left to screen left”, know that this character will automatically have layer 0.

After that you don’t have to change character’s layer, unless you make them walk somewhere behind (or in front) another character or overlay.


Interesting, I would try that. But for me at least there happens to be some character which strays off. Just in case, I still want to have something for it :blush:


Anyways, thanks. I changed a couple bits on my story, and the layering bits are fixed now!