FEATURE : Sound & Music reboot

As long as I’ve been writing episode, which has been for at least two or three years, the sound effects and music have been nearly identical. There are occasional updates with more sounds and music like juvie and random other little things, but we need MORE. A lot of the music has this ball room dancing, happy, 9 year old fashion game vibe. And some of it just sounds really bad and really old and cringey. Like I could make better music than that. So unless Episode decides to give us the right to add in our own original music, we need something better to work with!! There are like 5 or 6 music/sound effects that I use because all the rest are unaesthetically pleasing. We need more music for sc-fi, fantasy, and sad stories. More serious music and less 9 year old fashion game music.


Support! I couldn’t agree more. The selection sucks.

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