FEATURE: Special lip colors

I don’t know what’s with me today. I’m just full of ideas.

What I had in my was making special lip colors for both male and females.


Geisha lip colors

(maybe even their full makeup)

Busted lip

Dry lips

Snake bites

Snake bite type 2

All other lip piercing types

And btw I think we need the option “nude lips” that automatically changes lips color to whatever the skin color is so we wouldn’t have to look for a long time to see which lip color fits best for a natural lip color and it’s really hard with some skin colors

It usually ends up looking like this

And you can’t fool anyone into beliving this person is not wearing lipstick.

DISLCAIMER: The piercings are meant to be silver paint on lips that looks like lipstic becuase I figured it would be easier to make it as a lip colro than as a clothing.



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The piercings definitely do not belong into this category you want featured because they are not lip colors. Same with the busted lip. I think it’s best if you make a separate thread for that or change the title. :relieved:



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Yeah, Sydney said this to me and I told him I meant as two silver stripes painted on to look like peircings becuase it would be easier to make it as a lip color than as a clothing. And Sydney suggested I tell everybody I meant lip colors, sorry for the missunderstaning

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