FEATURE: Speechbubble reset

I’d like a speechbubble reset option, just like the zoom reset that pops up when you start to type it.

I don’t mean that I need a whole new feature. I know that is already a command. What I mean is that the drop down/ auto populate thing be available for @speechbubble reset just like @zoom reset.

For example:


As you can see, zoom reset pops up, but not speechbubble reset.


What I meant was when you are typing @zoom reset, you don’t have to type the whole thing before the drop down for zoom reset pops up. @speechbubble reset does not do the same thing. It would be nice if I could just start typing @spee and it pop up so I didn’t have to type it all.


Honestly, that would be nice because sometimes when I type it and nothing shows up, I think: “I must have typed it wrong.” :joy:


Same!! I think this feature is much needed.


LOL! My real name is Cora. It’s kind of cool to see your character’s name, since it’s spelled exactly like mine.

What is that for because when i use it t doesnt make any changes

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@speechbubble reset is used when you have moved your speech bubbles. Say your characters are speaking on screen and they are next to each other. You don’t want your speech bubble to continuously be pointing to the same person throughout the conversation. So you may move the tail of the bubble and the positioning of the bubble to better match who you are talking to. But they stay the same as the last bubble you set even if you move scenes. So you would need to use @speechbubble reset to reset your speech bubbles for the next scene.


Lol! Awesome! Cora has a HUGE part in my story! She’s awesome and mysterious at the same time. AND she is a twin!


Yeah i really tried it, it doesnt changes anything dont know why i tried maybe time but no use it keeps in the same place everytime. so i use the spot to move it for each character which is long

Cool! lol

I usually spot my speech bubbles as well, but in my story, here is what a @speechbubble reset looks like, if I don’t spot the next bubble. I know it looks bad, lol, but it seems like the standard for speech bubbles are the middle of the screen, I’m going to have to re-place that bubble after this example, lol! It just doesn’t look right at all, lol.

Placed Speech Bubble

@Speechbubble Reset Used for Next Dialogue

Sometimes, this is fine, if your character is standing somewhere in the vicinity of the standard bubble, but in my case I need to move it around, lol! It is aaaaalllll in my MC’s face. But that is what should happen if you use @speechbubble reset. It is also worth noting, that you don’t have to use @speechbubble reset, if you are spot placing all the bubbles in a scene. You only need it when changing scenes. You can go from one speech bubble placement to another without resetting it every time.

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yeah as what u said using it when changing scene is only works that time other than using it for conversation with characters it doesn’t work

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