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Recently I’ve started one of my first stories that I’m not just goofing about with, I’m actually writing it with effort. The story plot is set in the future, and instead of the civilians calling the president, “president”, they call him “the Seroke”, and Seroke is president in a different language.

While I’m doing spellcheck, I usually get confused, because I see that there are around 18+ spelling errors, when I usually consider myself an okay speller. But when I start to scroll, I realize it’s just not noticing the word Seroke as a word. (Even my Grammarly isn’t recognizing it as a word right now.) While this isn’t Episode’s fault, I think there should be a feature where we could per-say, right click on a “misspelled word” and click a button that says something like, “add to personal dictionary” kind of like how Google Docs does. Maybe you could even change the language of spellcheck to fit your needs, like changing it to English spelling if you’re a Britain.

Do you all think this is a good idea? If you do, please like the post and comment your support down below so Episode can see this.

This could also come in handy with;

○ Unique Names
○ Other Words In Various Languages
○ (more soon vv )

(more to come soon, if you have any other ideas of what this could help with, please do say so! :slight_smile:)

Script 'Spelling errors' Options?

I support!!




Support. To add to this, it would be handy to change the language of the spell check. I was going to post this but as this topic is similar, thought I’d add to it.
As an English writer, lots of my words come up as a spelling error as I’ve written it English, not American. I also know that other users write in other languages too. If we could set the script (like in word) to the language we’re writing in, it would be very helpful. It would save me copy and pasting my whole script into a word document so I can find the ‘real’ spelling errors. It can be hard to find them in the script since it’s set to American spelling.


That’s a great idea! I’m also totally not fangirling that you saw this, either… :hushed:




I’m English too and it’s so aggravating to know I have to spell something incorrectly in English for it to be considered ‘correct’ :unamused: It also doesn’t help when getting stories reviewed, I’ve had comments about the way I spell colour e.t.c because it’s not the US spelling.


Yeah, I understand that way too well.


It’s just how you spell it, if they have a problem, they could keep it to themselves, lol.


I think the most annoying thing is realizing I spent over 11 years of my life learning English at school, only to have to make spelling mistakes on purpose for it to be ‘right’ :roll_eyes:


It’s okay, hun.


Fangirling… not over me I hope :joy: I’m just me :kissing_heart:


Yes I get this too. Sadly quite often I get fanmails saying I spelled ‘mom’ wrong cos I’ve written ‘mum’ :joy: LMAO :joy:


I straight up refuse to write mom… It’s mum or mother for me :joy:


I would recommend using mother, since we use that too.


Nope. I’ve written 2 stories and used Mum. Never had any complaints about it and even if I did I wouldn’t change it.


yEs, aNd it you’ve ever seen me on the forums, you’d know i have interesting capitalization rules. hAhA. wHENever i attempt to apply these rules as i write, Episode pretty much screws me over. it would be nice not to constantly get those ”errOr” emails that are basically just spam.


I will still use mum. If people want to complain about me using my own language, then so be it. I just find it amusing that people try to correct my English. I’m sure @PerplexedJam will agree. People use mama which is what they call their ‘mother’ in their native tongue so I don’t see why I can’t use mum x


I definitely agree. The most amusing thing about it all is people trying to correct the English of an English person :roll_eyes: The clue is in the name of the language…
I know that some northerners use ‘Mom’ instead of ‘Mum’ (I think Brummies but I’m not sure) and it’s common in The West Country to use ‘Ma’ but I for one, will always use Mum.


I defo support this because I’m trying to make a story that has some Spanish in it but there is always spelling errors because of the language and it prevents me from previewing the story! Episode really needs to do something about this.