FEATURE : Star Rating Submission Bar

Hey everyone! I’ve started reading a lot of new stories lately and after the end of third (I think) episode there is a Star-Rating Submission Bar that you can skip but never get the chance to fulfill afterwards!
I can’t tell for sure if I like a story based only on the first 3 episodes and if I keep reading I want to have the choice to give my rating later! Of course there are some “troll stories” and you can tell by chapter 1 but these are like 0.001%! There are so many good stories out on this app that you can’t tell they’re so good by the first 3 chapters. And I bet that if we had to rate the most popular ones based only on their first 3 episodes, they would be underated… I think we should have THE CHOICE to rate each story whenever we are sure of it and whenever we have a more overall view of the story.
Is it just me? What do you think?


I completely agree & wish that the Ratings Submission Bar would be offered as a choice further along in the story than just at the 3 Chapter point.

Of course, some stories are short to begin with, but maybe it could be available at a possible mid-point of a fully released story. Or have Set Check Points that readers will know that are coming up.

Or as another optionat the end of Each chapter that could only be voted on one time.
This option would be helpful Especially if you know you don’t plan to finish a story for whatever your reason. jmho

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Is it ok now? :slight_smile:


I think Episode should allow volunteers to review a bunch of stories and there should be a section for really good episode stories like Wasted Roses and The Ruby Tiara.


If you want to review a story, you can do it! Nobody forbids you to! But to have a complete opinion you can’t rely only on the first three chapters!!! What I’m saying about the rating bar is that we, as readers, should have the choice to rate a story when we know for sure if we like it or not!


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I think it’s at the end of the fourth, or maybe it is the third. But yes, this will still be helpful.

I agree! I’d love to have the chance to rate a story later on. I hate to judge a story after a few chapters. :confused:

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Uh yes please!


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Good idea, SUPPORT!

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Support! I hope it’s alright bringing back this post, it’d be great to have this feature!

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I have to go to forums to decide what I want to read next based on people’s reviews/recommendations, so a star rating (and possibly reviews) in the app would make the process quicker. Fanmail is nice, but it’s not the same as a rating or review.

Oh, how difficult life can be! Everybody has made the mistake of typing too quickly and missing an important plot point. It would be so much fun if the Episode had a rewind button!

I am clicking “like” at this moment! Let’s hope the Episode crew realizes how much we value this addition. Imagine not needing to watch the whole scenario again in order to rewind and capture those crucial details easily. the chef’s smooch

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