FEATURE: Story Organization Corner

Heey, so I’ve had a hard time trying to plan my story out till the end, I mean, sure- writing the dialog is tough- but it’s not even the hardest thing. Writing on Episode is just like creating an animated TV-show with a ton of features. not only do you need a storyline but you also need to know where to place your characters, at what time, on which background, etc. It would be great to have a feature inside the writers portal, where you can plan your characters, your scenery, your timeline and everything else you’ll need to have, so in the end, you have everything on one spot and don’t have to worry about loosing your story notes, accidentally deleting them (or the app where you saved them) and you could just write what’s on your mind. The best part of it - you can add things to your script in a matter of seconds!


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