FEATURE: Story Polls


As a writer and author on Episode, receiving feedback from my readers is a great feeling. I was thinking that maybe in the same format as choices, we could integrate polls into our stories. For example, I can insert a question like “how do you feel about the MC’s decision during this scene?” or something else about the story and there could be “yes” or “no” choices, or anything you wanna put in the boxes for people to choose from.

This could just be to see where the readers stand and feel about specific aspects of the story. We can also view the results in our writer’s portal and all. I think the extra feedback on our stories that’s not fanmail would be awesome and really make us think as to where we want the story to go and it’d simply be nice to know how people feel.


I love this idea! They are kind of doing something like this with the feeds, where you can post polls on your account for people to vote on :blush:





Yes support!