FEATURE: Story Status And Lists

Story Status:

It Would be A Wonderful Idea If We Readers Could Have Our Own Story Status. For Example When Adding A Story Into Your Favorites There Should Be Button Right Next To It With Maybe An Open Book Icon. When You Click On That Icon It Will Show 3 Status’s:
Want To Read
Currently Reading
Already Read
All Of These Status’s Will Be A List Of Their Own. The Currently Reading Status Will Give You Notifications When The Stories You Are Currently Reading Update. All Status’s Should Have The Option To Put The Notifications On.


Another Thing I Think Would Benefit Readers Are Lists. You Can Create And Name A List Example: Favorite RomComs) You Can Make These Lists Either Public For Other People To Look At Or Private And Just For You. I Think There Should Be A Section For Lists. There Can be Multiple Rows For Lists. There Can Be Community Lists That Readers Can Go To Find Stories From The Episode Community. And There Can Be Featured Lists As A Little Something For Episode That Way Readers Can Not Only Find Community Lists But Also Lists With Featured Stories. There Should Be AN Option Where You Can Favorite A List That Way You Can Just Binge The Whole List Without Losing It Or Forgetting The Name Of The List. I Think Lists Like These Will Expand Readers Horizons By Finding Stories That Aren’t Featured In A List That You Like, So You Will Probably Try To Read One Of Those Stories As Well.


Good ideas!!

The lists idea is like making a playlist sorta thing but for stories…uk what I mean?

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