FEATURE: stretch marks, surgery scars, birthmarks, and etc!

Stretch marks: I would absolutely love to have more features added like stretch marks. millions of men and women have them, so adding something so common and beautiful would be an aspect i believe the whole episode community will love.
Birthmarks: This is another thing that everyone has. they can range from dark brown dots all over your body, to a big sort of “blob” that’s slightly darker than ones skin tone. It’s very simple but very needed.
Vitiligo: It’s quite a rare condition, but it’s so beautiful and would love to use it on characters!
Surgery scars: We already have the face scars and the pace maker scar but adding things like a huge scar straight down the chest implying a transplant would add more depth to characters that’s needed.


support but I don’t think you have some many request item at once :slight_smile:


Support but this might be a duplicate thread

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Well people have been doing it

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Duplicate closed. Refer to FEATURES: Different Types Of Skin Outside Of Color, ART: Stretch Marks, and FEATURE: Scars on body and face.