FEATURE: Sub-Genres For Stories

I know, this has been suggested before, but I’ve come up with what may be a better-developed idea.
I’m in the process of writing a futuristic-science-romance story but… which genre do I put it in? At the moment I’ve gone with romance as it’s the primary focus of the story. But what about if there were futuristic-loving readers who wouldn’t want to read my story because it was in the romance genre? (I know, there’s no futuristic genre as of when I write this, it’s just an example.)
This is why we need sub-genres! We’re losing potential readers because we haven’t been able to put our stories into more than one genre.

  • My upcoming story, which I said about above. ROMANCE OR FUTURISTIC?
  • A story about two stunt-doubles who fall in love. ROMANCE OR ACTION?
  • A story about a clown who trips through a portal. FANTASY OR COMEDY?

I understand Episode may already be considering adding this feature but may not know how to put it into the app.
Well, you know how we used to have the genres on the story cards (or whatever you call those things that pop up with the ‘read’ button)?? Why not bring those back? It may be a struggle to place them, since they’ve changed format, but y’know, there’s always the ability to put polls on the forum. :joy::wink:
If a story has only got one genre, it’ll just say ‘Romance’ (or whatever the genre is) on the story card. But if it has multiple genres, it’ll say ‘Romance, Comedy, Fantasy’ (or whatever they’ve put the genres as).

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I’m currently having this issue as well. :pensive: I have a story about a world filled with magic and advanced technology. So the genre’s supposed to be fantasy and sci-fi. However, there’s no option for sci-fi, so I automatically chose fantasy. The problem is readers will get confused when they see robots in a story labeled fantasy.

Tbh I can definitely see the issue you might face with the limited genres. Honestly, drama and romance could be condensed into one category like they do to thriller & horror. We need a sci-fi shelf!

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Ooh, yes! Or the ability to label our stories as multiple genres at once (or at least two)!

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