FEATURE: supporting small authors discussion


So if I am interpreting your point correctly, are you saying that only people on the “same level” should recommend each other stories?


Yes and no. It’s great to support everybody within the Episode community because we’re supposed to do that! But, I do think that an author should recommend an author that has the same status as them.


But I thought one of the frustration is that popular authors only support their friends’, who are also popular, stories and not recommending any lesser known ones’ stories? If to your point then they are doing exactly what they’re supposed to do, right ?


I know what you mean, but less known authors support popular authors stories more than they do other less known authors. Not all of them do it, but some do. I’d rather promote and give my fellow less known author a chance to get noticed, than promoting a popular author who already has their story in the spotlight.


Yes…but that’s not necessarily my point but okay…:sweat_smile:


What is your point?


I guess what I’m trying to undertand is, so you only have a problem with lesser-known authors recommending popular stories, but not popular authors only support their friends’popular stories and not giving smaller stories a chance. Did I get that right? :thinking:


Yes that’s what I’m trying to say. Popular authors don’t really need to promote their friends who are popular because they basically have a lot of readers. Some of them have been featured before.


I don’t think it should matter the status. I think you should promote any story if you think it’s good. I tell all my friends to read Adrenaline (and the author obviously doesn’t need promotion) and I also will tell them to read Addison (which is by a smaller author) If you like the story and you think it’s good then promote it and tell people.


Well Adrenaline is a great story. Evil Ebonni is great author, I can’t argue with you on that one. There’s nothing wrong with recommending it to someone else, but like you said it doesn’t need to be promoted. It’s good that you tell your friends to read a story from a less known author because that could really help them gain more reads.


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Thank you! I just don’t think we’ll get any feedback. Neither on our Contests thread. :frowning:


That is my concern too! Small authors really need encouragement - I have seen some astonishing stories made by some small authors and some of them do feel discouraged. There needs to be more ways to empower smaller authors in my opinion.


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Sorry if I missed something, but have you submitted the petition to the Episode team?


I never realized the struggle that small authors have until I started writing myself. I mean, I have put so much effort in my first story, which will compete in the Thriller contest, but I doubt it’ll have any appreciation because of the system. So yeah, let’s resist the system like Sex Pistols taught us!


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Well, they could at least start with the answers to our questions as we still don’t know exactly how everything works…


I’ve finally come to this forum and the topic itself. I can’t possibly read everything that’s already written here, that’s why I might say something that’s been said already, but my idea is here:
Episode should make a shelf for ALL the contest entries while the contest is still on. This way, entering this shelf, people will see all the stories entering instead of searching for the particular ones in the search (which obviously would be stories of the famous authors).
And in the shelf, the reader would be able to read all the stories that caught his/her attention with the cover, description or anything. So it would at least depend more on the author’s work. Of course, stories of famous authors would still gain more reads… For that I still think the whole evaluation system should be changed, but I’m not sure Episode is going to do so. So, maybe they could start with at least this one little and simple step.