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Well, they could at least start with the answers to our questions as we still don’t know exactly how everything works…


I’ve finally come to this forum and the topic itself. I can’t possibly read everything that’s already written here, that’s why I might say something that’s been said already, but my idea is here:
Episode should make a shelf for ALL the contest entries while the contest is still on. This way, entering this shelf, people will see all the stories entering instead of searching for the particular ones in the search (which obviously would be stories of the famous authors).
And in the shelf, the reader would be able to read all the stories that caught his/her attention with the cover, description or anything. So it would at least depend more on the author’s work. Of course, stories of famous authors would still gain more reads… For that I still think the whole evaluation system should be changed, but I’m not sure Episode is going to do so. So, maybe they could start with at least this one little and simple step.


Hi, Anna, thank you so much for joining!

Yes, I believe someone has already suggested a separate shelf for all contest entries and I also support this idea!

It is indeed a small step but at least it’s something…


Hi Briana! Would have to disagree with you on recommending stories. I believe that stories should be recommended based on how much you enjoy, not by its popularity.


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On the app there is a new userstories section






Support! Absolutely! The only issue to bring to light is how this would affect readers. For instance are readers more likely to ONLY read the higher tier readers because they’re more popular. Perhaps they could post the winners a few days apart so “Lower tier winners on Thursday Higher tier winners Saturday” so people have time to read the lower league for aspiring authors before the bigger authors.


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