FEATURE: Switching Styles Easily

For the writers portal what if they made a thing where you write in your preferred style like LL then before publishing it asks if you would also like to publish a ink version and classic version as well. It adds all the same things just changes outfits and actions to something similar. You could review it before publishing both and change if wanted. Instead of copy and pasteing and making all new outfits plus changing actions it just does it automatically.


all the styles have different animations, clothes, etc

i dont think this would work


This would be very difficult to establish. Some clothes are completely different in both styles. There would result in a lot of errors because it would be hard for the computer to find substitutes. This is very hard to accomplish and I don’t think it would be possible.

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I see why you would want to do that but I can guarantee the outfits wouldn’t work as well. Could I suggest that you copy and paste the script then save it. The portal will then tell you about the errors e.g. “Character ____ does not exist” You just make all the characters to look how you would prefer them in that style. Then you do the same with the outfits. Animations is much easier because as you go through you can change them to something similar and some animations do exist between all three styles.
I know this may seem annoying and you’d rather have it automatically done but it wouldn’t work as well as you think it might. Also I’ve always found that when one story is written in all three styles the readers are split into thirds meaning your story won’t be as popular. Even if across all three separate stories you have a large following by splitting it into thirds you won’t have enough to gain the popularity to be in any of the featured or community favourite sections.
That’s only my opinion…
Good luck with your stories :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: