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ANIMATION: Swordfighting
07-22-2016, 04:13 PM
I was writing my story, and I realized that there aren’t many animations for action scenes. I know that Classic has gun shooting, and that people have already requested that for INK, but it could really help to have something more traditional. In medieval stories, there should be sword fighting. Stuff like sword_swing, sword_block, and sword_stab. There should also be daggers too, for ninja/assassin stories, and for fighting in a house (use a knife to attack). Shields would be great too, if it isn’t too much to ask for. I just really wanted to put out there that not everyone uses guns and punches
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Support. We totally need this for historical fiction. One of our favorite genres. Only punches are boring.


True, but you could always make a sword overlay then use spot directing for it while the character is using punch animation. That way it’ll look like the character is stabbing. Just a suggestion! :slight_smile:

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I support!

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That’s a great idea. But for people like me who don’t know advanced coding it’s really a great benefit. !


YASSSS i stan this

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