FEATURE: The ability to switch accounts

It’s about time they added this feature as some stories are collaborative and we should be able to either switch accounts or something else that allows us to log in and out easily


That would Be amazing :star_struck:

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Yes, I agree!
I’m working on a story that is a collaborative effort (Me and a friend)
We’re trying to work out how it’s possible to log out of our personal accounts and log into the the collab one x

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I use my Google account, and when I log in I have the option of it remembering the quest for the next 30 days or not and I choose the 30 days when I know I’ll be on that account for a long while and don’t need to switch, but I don’t select the 30 days when I know I want to switch between accounts.

While the option to be able to switch accounts at will would be great, it could be more of a third-party thing rather than an Episode thing. :woman_shrugging:t3:

:flushed: Don’t know if you’ve supported this thread already or not but here:

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